Ram Navami 2021 | Ram Navami 2021: Odisha artist makes the smallest idol of Lord Ramchandra

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Ram Navami 2021 | Ram Navami 2021: Odisha artist makes the smallest idol of Lord Ramchandra

New Delhi: This Ram Navami festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the country. But, just like last year, this year’s Ram Navami celebrations are also in full swing. This year’s Ram Navami festival was celebrated all over the country in Corona. An artist from Odisha justifies Ram Navami with a 4.1 cm. Made a wooden statue of height. The artist claims that this is the smallest idol of Lord Rama in the world.

The artist’s name is Satyanarayana Mohrana. Mohrana lives in Ganjam district of Odisha. Mohrana said, they do not go to the temple, they worship Lord Shri Ramchandra at home. The second wave of corona is currently raging in the state along with the country. The number of coronaviruses is reaching its ninth high every day. Therefore, due to the increasing prevalence of corona, many strict restrictions have been imposed in the state. Therefore, Mohrana has appealed to the devotees to worship Lord Shri Ramchandra at home without going to the temple.

Fruits and flowers bloom in the temple of Vithuraya, attractive decoration for Ram Navami

Today, on the occasion of Chaitra Shuddha Navami i.e. Ram Navami, the temple of Vithuraya has been attractively decorated with colorful flowers and fruits. Although Vithuraya is currently locked up due to the Korona crisis, the year-round tradition of the temple is still going on regularly. Devotee Govindrao Tandale from Gangakhed has provided this flower decoration service. Pineapple is ingeniously used in this decoration along with flowers like marigold, gerbera, daisy. Vitthal Rukmini The temple of Vithuraya is open in the decoration done at Gabhara, Solkhambi, Chaukhambi.

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