rajasthan news: sirohi me pickup truck chalak se thugi ke vardat

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rajasthan news: sirohi me pickup truck chalak se thugi ke vardat

Sharad Tak, Sirohi

In Rajasthan’s Kotwali police station area of ​​Sirohi, on Wednesday, a thug carried out the incident of cheating in a different way. The thug bluffed a pickup truck driver. The victim of fraud Narayan Lal was called from Sumerpur to Sirohi. He was told that the truck had to send the goods from Pindwara to Takhtgarh. But when the truck driver Narayan reached Pindwara from Sirohi, the accused’s mobile was found switched off. Earlier, Narayan Lal was cheated of Rs 3200 on his way.

In this cheating incident, the accused made the handcart operator of Panipuri his pawn. As soon as the police got information about the incident, the police reached the spot. Victim Sumerpur resident Narayanlal Ghanchi narrated his ordeal to the police. He earns his livelihood by running a pickup.

He told that on Wednesday, a person called him introducing himself as the master. Told that pickup is needed to drop the goods from Pindwara to Takhatgarh. The fare was fixed in both, the driver left for Sirohi to reach the stated place.

On reaching Sirohi, the thug told on the phone that Rs 3200 has to be given from him to the person who runs Panipuri there. As soon as I get it, I will return the money.
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Accused thug caught in CCTV

After this Narayan Lal reached Sirohi with a pickup from Sumerpur. And gave money to the Panipuri vendor. After that the accused thug called him to Pindwara. When Narayan Lal called the accused thug after reaching Pindwara, his mobile was switched off. The taxi operator was blown away. He immediately came to Sirohi and complained to the Kotwali police. Kotwali SI Ranaram reached the spot and checked the CCTV footage of nearby shops. They started trying to identify the accused.

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Panipuri operator interrogated, the thug gave such a hoax
When the police questioned the person of Pani Puri Thele near the bus stand. He told that, ‘A person came to me and seeing the mobile phone in his hand said that talk. When I talked, the next person said that take thirty-two hundred rupees from them. If I come a little later, give it to me. I took it and after a while a young man wearing a cap came and gave him thirty two hundred’.

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