Rajasthan News: sikar laxmangarh mei nahi rukh raha maut ka tandav: Death is not stopping in Sikar, 16 deaths in 16 days in another village, one family lost 6 members

Rajasthan News: sikar laxmangarh mei nahi rukh raha maut ka tandav: Death is not stopping in Sikar, 16 deaths in 16 days in another village, one family lost 6 members


  • Death in the villages of Sikar district did not stop
  • After Kheerwan and Mangaluna, now deaths also occur in Rooru Bari village
  • Weeds grieved over the death of six members of a family here

In Rajasthan, the corona infection has been causing catastrophic conditions in the villages. The data showing the rising corona infection rate and death in the village is now worrying the government and the administration. Talking of the Laxmangarh tehsil of Sikar district, the Corona infection is continuously taking people into its fold here. Constant deaths are now creating fear in the minds of people. After 21 deaths in 21 consecutive days in Kheerwa village of Sikar district, the deaths in Roru Bari village here have mourned. Here 16 deaths have been recorded in this village in 16 days. The sad thing is that in the figure which has been revealed, the number of people who died from a family is six.

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Deaths in Kheerwa and Mangaluna also
Explain that this is not the only case of Sikar. The Laxmangarh tehsil of the district is also intimidating in two other villages, Kheerwa and Mangaluna. According to experts, most of the deaths here are due to Kovid infection. Kheerwa has caused 27 deaths in the last 30 days. At the same time, 16 deaths were recorded in its neighboring village Mangaluna in 10 days. Constant deaths in these villages have now become the subject of discussion. The administration is surprised to see this figure. According to the information received, three of the deaths occurred in Roru Bari, Savli Kovid Care Center, while the remaining 12 died due to influenza-like symptoms.

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Six deaths in a family, one member succumbed to accident
Here, the family of Sawant Singh of the village has lost six members of his family since May 2. This includes his brother Anand Singh, nephews Chhotu Singh and Jeetendra Singh, sister-in-law Saroj Kanwar, an aunt and cousin Rajendra Singh. According to Singh, three out of six Jitendra, Rajendra and Anand died after battling Corona at the Sawali Kovid Care Center. At the same time, his family Chhotu Singh died during an accident in Jaipur, while the remaining two had symptoms of Kovid. The atmosphere is completely bleak due to the continuous death in the family.

Villagers accuse – Administration is not paying attention
Samvat Singh said that he was constantly pleading with the local authorities in this regard, but he was not being heard. Now after the deaths in the family, the administration has shown activeness in performing RT-PCR test of the remaining members. According to sources, despite the large number of deaths in a village with a population of 3,000, the district administration has not yet woken up from this crisis. Regular random sampling is not being done in the village. Panna Lal, a villager, said that at present many villagers were suffering from Kovid. But since he did not trust the system, he opted for home remedies.

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This argument given by the administration
On this whole matter, Sikar CMHO Ajay Chaudhary has said that “I will go to Rooru Badei on Tuesday to inspect and assess the situation.” He said that our teams have done extensive surveys. Sampling was done in two villages of Kheerwa and Mangaluna, but it was found that only five and three deaths in these villages were due to Kovid, respectively.

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