rajasthan news: sachin pilot vs ashok gehlot rajasthan congress crossed the breaker who will face of 2023 election

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rajasthan news: sachin pilot vs ashok gehlot rajasthan congress crossed the breaker who will face of 2023 election


  • Congress was successful in removing resentment in Rajasthan
  • Sachin Pilot expressed satisfaction at the press conference in Jaipur
  • There has been talk about ministries too – Sachin Pilot
  • ‘Working to form government again in 2023’

In Rajasthan, Sachin Pilot made it clear that his fight was not with any person. He talks about issues. All the questions raised by me were taken care of. But in politics, things are not as clear as they seem. Something else is seen in front but done goes something else. In the midst of all the gimmicks, the Congress has somehow crossed the breaker in the state.

Not the silence before the storm!
Rajasthan cabinet reshuffle and Sachin Pilot’s satisfaction, is there any silence before the coming storm? Sachin Pilot worked hard in the 2018 assembly elections. But the party fanatics captured the chair. Sachin Pilot felt that he was not rewarded for his hard work. What was expected, finally happened. Sachin Pilot became agitated till the toppling of Gehlot’s government. Somehow the Congress managed to save its fort.
Rajasthan New Cabinet: ‘There is no faction in Rajasthan’, the pilot is upset with the cabinet expansion, so is the war over?
Sachin Pilot on Mission 2
The Congress high command convinced Sachin Pilot, but Pilot never hid his displeasure with Gehlot. It has always been their demand that their people should also be given a place in the government (cabinet). After a long wait and struggle, the pilot’s wish came true. But Sachin Pilot started working on the strategy ahead. That is 2023 assembly elections.

…so in 2023 the command is in the hands of the pilot
In the press conference in Jaipur, Sachin Pilot said that ‘whatever responsibility the Congress party has given me in the last 20 years, I have tried to fulfill it. We are working to break the convention and form the government again in 2023. The way forward for Sachin to fulfill his dream also comes out from here. 70-year-old Ashok Gehlot will turn 72 by 2023 elections. At the same time, 44-year-old Sachin Pilot will be 46 in 2023. Meaning for Sachin Pilot, the next 25-30 years are quite favorable for politics. The former Deputy Chief Minister did not say clearly that the party will fight the 2023 elections on his face, but it is clear from his words that he will have the lead role in the coming elections.

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