rajasthan news: rajsamand ke bheem me voting ab nhi khulengi sharab ki dukan

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rajasthan news: rajsamand ke bheem me voting ab nhi khulengi sharab ki dukan

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Rajasthan News: After three panchayats of Bhima subdivision of Rajsamand, now two more panchayats have woken up to the liquor ban. In the voting held on Saturday, 51 percent voting was against liquor.

rajsamand news
The campaign against liquor in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan seems to be paying off. On Saturday, votes were cast for prohibition of liquor in two panchayats of Bhima subdivision. Voting was against alcohol. 51 percent of the votes were for prohibition. With this, it has been decided not to open liquor shops in the panchayat.

After three panchayats of Bhima subdivision, the opposition to liquor contracts in two more panchayats on Saturday was also clearly visible in the voting. Earlier, polling was held in Kachbali, Mandawar and Thaneta. After this, now voting was conducted for the Vair Panchayat of Berar and Hamela. The women sarpanch of Brar campaigned for this and also invited Pooja Chhabra, the star campaigner of prohibition.
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There are 5632 voters in these two panchayats as per the population figures of 2014. Of these, 2775 are females and 2857 are males. Adequate police force and polling teams were deployed at the Rajiv Gandhi Seva Kendra, Berar, a polling station set up by the administration. Whereas women including public representatives and local MLA Sudarshan Singh Rawat were also campaigning with their workers a day before.
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It is noteworthy that this area of ​​​​Bhima and Magra region of Deogarh is Rajput dominated. Alcohol is more prevalent here. The health of men is deteriorating due to excessive consumption of alcohol. While the situation of domestic violence and financial crisis also persists. Due to this, women and children are very upset. According to the instructions of the Election Commission, if 51 percent of the total voting is not voted, then liquor shops will not be opened in the panchayat.

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