Rajasthan News: Rajasthan mei corona tikakaran thhap: Rajasthan asked for 25 lakh doses, Center sent 2 lakh, corona vaccination was badly affected in the state today

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Rajasthan News: Rajasthan mei corona tikakaran thhap: Rajasthan asked for 25 lakh doses, Center sent 2 lakh, corona vaccination was badly affected in the state today


  • Corona vaccine shortage increased in Rajasthan
  • Center gave 2 lakh vaccines to Rajasthan
  • In July, many people entitled to the second dose have to be vaccinated

In the state where the decreasing figures of corona infection are giving a pleasant feeling. At the same time, the people of the state are seen battling these days due to the fight over vaccination. In Rajasthan, since the past days, the shortage of vaccination is increasing the troubles of the common people and increasing their fear. Due to lack of corona dose, Kovid vaccination was affected for two consecutive days in many districts. At the same time, the situation remained that seven districts did not give a single dose on Sunday. According to the information received, despite the demand of 25 lakh doses from the state government, only 2 lakh doses were given to the state by the center.

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Informed Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan
According to the information received, Rajasthan Health Minister Raghu Sharma had written a letter to Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on Sunday in the matter of stalling of the vaccination drive in the state, but the situation is still the same that the state is battling with the shortage of vaccine. is. Due to this, vaccination has stopped in many districts. Apart from this, CM Gehlot has also written a letter to the Center about the problem of shortage of vaccination.

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Health department says no vaccine, waiting for center
A senior health department official told TOI that “Yesterday (Tuesday) no vaccination has been done in many districts. As per the data, 5.14 crore beneficiaries in the state need to get the Covid vaccine. 40% of them have to get the first vaccine.” The dose has been received, whereas 8 percent have received both the doses. But now due to the lack of vaccine, the vaccination seems to be slow in Rajasthan, which is rapidly progressing in vaccination.Chief Medical Health Officer, Jaipur Dr. Narottam Sharma said. Told that like other districts of the state, vaccination was affected in Jaipur also on Tuesday. He said that “we do not have vaccines. If we get the dose, then again the speed of vaccination can be accelerated.

Rajasthan is now going backward in vaccination
Here in Sikar also it has been announced that there will be no vaccination on Tuesday also. The state is one of the leading states in the country in covid vaccination, but due to lack of vaccines, it is slowly slipping back in the vaccination table. If media reports are to be believed, due to not being given sufficient amount of vaccines from the center, where people eligible for the second dose are constantly wandering here and there to get the vaccine. At the same time, this has happened almost for the tenth time that due to lack of sufficient amount of vaccines in Rajasthan, the corona vaccination has been stalled in the state.

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