Rajasthan News: rajasthan ke kota baran bundi jhalawar me barish ke baad nadiya ufaan par: 13 people rescued on all rivers budding in Hadoti, Rajasthan

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Rajasthan News: rajasthan ke kota baran bundi jhalawar me barish ke baad nadiya ufaan par: 13 people rescued on all rivers budding in Hadoti, Rajasthan


  • 8 women and 4 men trapped on Jaleda island of Baran district between Parwan river
  • A person from Kolukheda village was rescued from the island of Andheri river
  • Parvati, Parvan, Chambal, Kalisindh, Chhoti Kalisindh, Ahu, Mangli, Andheri, Chanwli rivers in spate
  • Dozens of villages are cut off contact with each other
  • Sawai Madhopur and Sheopur district of Madhya Pradesh cut off due to the rise in Chambal-Parvati river
  • It is raining continuously since Monday night in all the four districts of Kota division.
  • Chadar is running in Jhalawar’s Gagarin Dam itself
  • Rivers and drains are over full, the weather of the area became pleasant due to rain

Arjun Arvind
Monsoon 2021 remains active. At the same time, due to incessant rains, there has been a huge surge in all the rivers and rainy drains flowing in Hadoti division of Rajasthan state on Tuesday. In Rajasthan, the water of the torrential rains in Madhya Pradesh is coming into the rivers and creating a ruckus in the Kota division. Parvati, Parvan, Chambal, Kalisindh, Chhoti Kalisindh, Ahu, Mangli, Andheri, Chanwli rivers are in great spate. Chadar is running on the Gagarin Dam of Jhalawar, then from Jhalawar Kalisingh Dam, 24186 cusecs of water has been released in the river by opening 3 gates from the morning.
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Rivers are showing their fierce form. This is the reason why 13 people from two villages were trapped in the river basin due to heavy floods in Parwan and Andheri rivers in Baran district on Monday. Those who had to spend the night on the islands. After 24 hours, SDRF conducted a rescue operation on the information of the district administration on Tuesday afternoon. The SDRF personnel rescued the stranded people by risking their lives by boat in the midst of the spate of rivers.

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12 people were trapped in the 18 feet boom, all went to the island’s farm to plant paddy
Ramdayal Meena is the in-charge of Kota SDRF B Company. Meena spoke to NBT. Said on Tuesday, 12 people were reported from Baran District Collectorate being stranded on the island in the middle of Parwan river in Jaleda village. A rescue team led by Head Constable Ramkumar was sent to the spot. There was a rise of 18 feet in the river. 12 people were stuck on the island 800 meters from the shore. Whose life was trapped in trouble. These included 8 women and 4 men. All had gone to plant paddy on the field located on the island on Monday. SDRF jawans put the boat in the river risking their lives in the strong current. After taking three rounds, Roopabai, Chhania, Kamlesh, Sampat Bai, Sugnabai, Kanhaiyalal, Chandrakala, Rampyari, Ladbai, Rajuyadav, Tejendra and Pawan were rescued from the spate of river safely.
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Tears of happiness spilled out of these people
Representative officers of Baran district and police administration were present on the spot. Jaleda village is located in Sadar police station area of ​​Baran city. SDRF head constable Ramkumar told NBT that it had been 24 hours since these people were stranded on the island. The night was spent at the temple situated on their island. The priest himself gave food from him. The district administration, along with the family members, breathed a sigh of relief when people came safely from the island.
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Here, Bradilal Dhakad farmer of village Kolukheda village of Chhabda tehsil of Baran district was trapped in the boom of Andheri river since Monday. He spent the whole night alone on the island. Age is over 60 years. On the instructions of the district administration on the information of the relatives, Badrilal was rescued by a rescue team led by SDRF’s Head Constable Morpal by putting a boat in the spate of Andheri river and brought him out safely. Surrounded by water, Badrilal was seeing death in front. But after 24 hours, as soon as the SDRF personnel appeared with the boat, the farmer thanked God. Tears welled up from his eyes. Life saved.

Traffic disrupted due to rivers
In the Etawah region of Kota district, the Chambal, Parvati and Kalisindh rivers have created a furore. Due to the presence of 13 feet of water on Chambal’s waterfall, the contact of Kota district with Sawai Madhopur has been cut off. The Parvati river is also in great spate. In such a situation, there has been a surge of about 10 feet on the culvert connecting Kota of Rajasthan and Sheopur district of Madhya Pradesh. Parvati is submerged on the Surathak culvert of the river. In such a situation, direct contact of Rajasthan with Madhya Pradesh is cut off. Traffic is being disrupted due to the overflow of heavy rivers on the culverts. Water was touching the culvert due to the spate of Mangli river in Bundi district.

Status of major dams of Hadoti
According to the Divisional Control Room of Kota Water Resources Department, the level of Gandhisagar Dam located in Chambal’s Madhya Pradesh stood at 1295.13 feet on Tuesday. 93,844 cusecs of water is coming into the dam. On the other hand, the level of Rana Pratap Sagar Dam, another major dam in Chambal and Rajasthan, remained 1144.28 feet, 5034 cusecs of water was coming into the dam in the morning. At the same time, the level of Jawahar Sagar, the third dam of Chambal, was made at 973 feet and the level of Kota Barrage Dam was 850.90 feet. Here, Krishna Mohan Jaiswal, Superintending Engineer, Water Resources Department, Jhalawar told NBT that 26776 cusecs of water was coming into the dam on Kalisindh river in the district on Tuesday. To maintain the level of the dam, 24186 cusecs of water was being discharged into the river. The Gagarin Dam of Jhalawar is the first of all the dams of Hadoti to become over full in this monsoon rains. On which a sheet of water of 0.25 meters is running. Others of the rest Hadoti division are still vacant.
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disaster preparedness
Hadoti division is the part of Rajasthan state where most of the rivers flow. In such a situation, District Disaster Control Rooms have been set up in every district to deal with the disasters arising out of rain and flooding of rivers. At the same time, according to Ramdayal Meena, Kota SDRF B Company Incharge, 7 teams have been formed covering all the four districts of Kota division. All have been given motorboats. There are three scuba diving systems. There is a fleet of 80 to 85 soldiers. In the division, SDRF teams have been deployed in Kawai, Baran, Aklera, Jhalawar, Bundi, Kota city and rural. B Company in-charge Ramdayal Meena told that Rajasthan SDRF Commandant and IPS Pankaj Chaudhary keeps an eye on every rescue operation taking place in Hadoti. Every rescue operation report is sent to them. Recently, he had also seen the demo given by the SDRF team personnel in the Chambal river to Kota. During the monsoon session, the disaster management was to be learned about the handling of disasters.

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