rajasthan news: rajasthan ke alwar sansad balaknath ne crime ko lekar cm ashok gehlot par hamala bola: Alwar MP Balaknath attacked CM Gehlot for the crime saying situation like Taliban

rajasthan news: rajasthan ke alwar sansad balaknath ne crime ko lekar cm ashok gehlot par hamala bola: Alwar MP Balaknath attacked CM Gehlot for the crime saying situation like Taliban


  • MP Balaknath said that increasing crimes have created Taliban-like condition in Rajasthan
  • Industrialists are fleeing because of crimes
  • Hindus are migrating because of people of particular society
  • Criminals are spreading panic by openly firing
  • Despite CM Gehlot having the Ministry of Home Affairs, crimes are not being curbed

Alwar. Alwar MP Balaknath has attacked Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on the exodus of Hindus to the increasing crime, extortion incidents in Rajasthan. The MP has put the Congress government of the state in the dock on the increasing crime in the entire Rajasthan along with Alwar and Bhiwadi. He said that there has been a Taliban-like situation in Rajasthan. Ever since the Gehlot government was formed in the state. The crime graph is increasing rapidly in the state. Taliban-like situation is happening in the state.

The MP said, Alwar has become a stronghold of crime. Due to the persecution of a particular community, Hindus are being forced to migrate. Incidents are happening in Bhiwadi, Behrod, Neemrana and Bansur. The industrial units are being closed due to the terror of the miscreants on the part of the industrialists.

70 people saved their lives by hiding here and there

The latest case is of Bhiwadi. Here the fearless miscreants openly ransacked Harish Bakery and restaurant by firing 30 to 40 rounds. During this, about 70 people were present in the bakery besides the staff. Who saved lives by hiding here and there. Apart from this, the incidents of murder, extortion, intimidation, gang rape, firing, looting, cheating are increasing continuously in the entire district.
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Taliban look…

The MP also said that Hindus are migrating because of people belonging to a particular caste. MP Baba Balak Nath said that be it Bhiwadi or Rajasthan, the situation has become like Taliban. In two and a half years of Congress government in Rajasthan, the patronage of criminals is high. All sections are being targeted by criminals. The way criminals are seen waving weapons and wielding guns in the CCTV footage. It appears to have become a Taliban-like sight in Bhiwadi and Rajasthan.

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This is not the first incident of firing in Bhiwadi. The common man is living in fear and terror due to criminals in the industrial city of Bhiwadi, Neemrana Behrod. He said that every day, somewhere or the other, incidents of murder, shooting, looting have become normal. Police and local Congress leaders are giving protection to the miscreants. Innocents are being implicated in false cases and criminals are being saved due to the nexus of politicians.

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Chief Minister should resign

The police themselves are getting involved in many cases in connivance with the criminals. In such a situation, whom should the public trust? People are getting scared in this state. The MP attacked the Chief Minister of the state, Ashok Gehlot. He said that the Chief Minister has the Home Department. But the law and order situation is quite the opposite. The head of the state is neither able to handle himself nor is he able to handle his government. In such a situation, morally the Chief Minister should resign from his post.
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The state’s Taliban will not be allowed to form
The MP said that the criminals have not been caught even though the criminals have been identified in the CCTV footage. In such a situation, it is clear that Congress leaders, ministers, MLAs have met criminals and incidents are happening on their behest. The government has forgotten the responsibility of protecting the people by taking their votes. And is only engaged in its glorification. If the culprits of the Bhiwadi shooting are not caught, then in the coming days a big movement will be launched against the government with the support of the people.

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