Rajasthan News: Hanumangarh mei Dalit yuvak ki hatya

Rajasthan News: Hanumangarh mei Dalit yuvak ki hatya

A shocking case has come to light from village Kikraliya of Rawatsar tehsil of Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan. Since then, after the death of Vinod Bamania in the controversy over the poster of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar, the anger among the people is increasing and the ruckus is not taking its name. Although the police have arrested the accused, but there is still a lot of anger among the people of Dalit society.

this is the whole matter
Actually the whole event started on 14th April from the day of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Jayanti. According to the FIR registered in this case, Vinod Bamania was associated with Bhim Army. Vinod along with his brother and some other friends celebrated Ambedkar Jayanti in his village Kikraliya. He also put a poster of Babasaheb at his house. This thing went awry to some people of the village. After about a month and a half, on May 24, Rakesh Sihag and Anil Sihag tore the poster of Babasaheb. There was an argument between the two sides regarding this matter. After this, a Panchayat was held in the village and both sides agreed.

Even after the resignation, there was resentment in the mind of the accused
It is alleged that even after resigning, the resentment in the minds of Rakesh Sihag and Anil Sihag continued to grow. Therefore, on June 5, Vinod and Mukesh, who were going to the farm in the evening, were badly beaten up by Rakesh Sihag and his associates. During the assault, Vinod suffered a severe head injury and was badly injured. Due to serious head injury, Vinod was referred to the hospital in Hanumangarh after first aid. After this it was also brought to Sri Ganganagar. Where he died on June 7 during treatment. Vinod was the only support of his family, who was running his family by working as a laborer. Vinod got married recently.

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The series of protests started
After the death of Vinod Kumar Meghwal, a series of protests started from place to place demanding the arrest of the accused and strict punishment. In Sri Ganganagar and Hanumangarh, many organizations including National Youth Front, Indian Native Organization, Dr. Ambedkar Navayuk Sangh, Bhim Army, Yuva Kranti Sansthan gave memorandums to the SDMs in various towns and protested. Other organizations including the Bhim Army alleged that the deceased Vinod was already having a dispute with the accused over the way in the field and Vinod had also lodged a complaint with the police against the accused, but the police did not arrest the accused. did. This served to instigate the accused. At present, ten accused have been arrested by the police after the protests. Police say that soon the rest of the accused will also be arrested.

Demand for the values ​​of dalit society
After Vinod’s death, outrage spread in the Dalit community and a sit-in demonstration was started by placing the dead body in front of the hospital. High officials reached the spot and held talks with the people of Dalit community. According to the demands, it was agreed to provide financial assistance of twenty five lakhs to Vinod’s family as per the rules and to open the way in the field.

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