rajasthan news: bundi bacchon par Atyachar ka video : After Bundi in Ajmer too innocent was tortured, after father’s act of school teacher came to the fore

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rajasthan news: bundi bacchon par Atyachar ka video : After Bundi in Ajmer too innocent was tortured, after father’s act of school teacher came to the fore

Bundi / Ajmer
The revelations of atrocities on innocent children in Rajasthan for the past two days are shocking. Where first a case of beating a minor child by hanging upside down on behalf of a father came to light in Bundi district. At the same time, news has also been received from Ajmer district that a teacher has assaulted a four-year-old innocent here.

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Father has shown humility on the matter of not doing homework
It has been learned that in Bundi district, an 8-year-old child was brutally tortured by the father for not doing homework as soon as he came from school. The video of this incident is going viral. According to the information received, the father tied the hands and feet of the son and hung him against the fan’s string. The father raised a stick to beat the son, but the mother came in the way. This video, which creates panic in the mind, has been told from Rajpura village of Dabi police station area of ​​Bundi district of the state. After the video surfaced, Bundi District Superintendent of Police Jai Yadav instructed the police officers to arrest Haiwan’s father. But after the incident, the father is absconding, the police is looking for him.

Mother has made a video of her husband
Police said that the accused Pushkar Prajapati fled from the village after the incident. It was told that Pushkar used to beat Prajapati, wife and children every day. In such a situation, to punish the husband, the wife had already put the mobile camera in the window at one place. The said incident was captured in the mobile camera. Wife gave this video to brother. On watching the video, it seems that the wife also supported the father in this act. But it is not so.

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Teacher beat up four year old child in Ajmer
Here, a case of assault by a teacher with a 4-year-old child has come to light in a private school located in Gulab Bari under Alwar Gate police station area of ​​Ajmer. Regarding this, the family created a ruckus in the school, in the matter, the police intervened and pacified them.
Sheetal, the mother of 4-year-old Milaj, studying in East Point School, Gulab Bari, told that her son was assaulted by the physical teacher in the school, due to which he had suffered a head injury, when the school management came to complain about this matter. Instead of listening and misbehaving with them. He expressed his displeasure with the school management regarding this.

Resignation on both sides
Sub Inspector Mohammad Javed of Alwar Gate police station said that the family members had expressed their displeasure over the matter of assault with the child. Later both sides agreed. No one has given any report.

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