rajasthan news: ajmer mei pakda gya iPhone shahitir thug: Cheated the whole country in the name of cheap iPhone

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rajasthan news: ajmer mei pakda gya iPhone shahitir thug: Cheated the whole country in the name of cheap iPhone


  • Vicious arrested for doing more than two hundred incidents across the country
  • More than two hundred incidents across the country in the name of cheap iPhone
  • Ajmer’s Alwar Gate Police Case

Naveen Vaishnav, Ajmer
Everyone aspires to have luxury brands, but how do people become victims of fraud due to these reasons. This has been revealed from Ajmer district of Rajasthan. The Alwar Gate police station of the district here has arrested a vicious accused who carried out more than 200 incidents across the country in the name of cheap iPhone. At present, the accused is being interrogated intensively.

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More than 200 people have been duped in the name of iPhone mobile
Ajmer’s Alwar Gate Police Officer Sunita Gurjar said that the vicious accused who duped people by carrying out incidents across the country have been nabbed. The accused is Bharat Vaishnav, a resident of Jodhpur, who has so far duped more than 200 people in the name of iPhone mobiles. SHO Sunita Gurjar said that accused Bharat Vaishnav puts up advertisements on social media platforms including OLX, Facebook, YouTube and others to sell iPhones. Seeing the cheap iPhone, everyone contacts him and transfers money as per his instructions. When the parcel reached the buyer’s house, it was either a bundle of paper or a defective mobile. Seeing this they were shocked. Even after committing so many crimes, he was dodging the police.

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Old bluetooth headphone and locked keypad mobile in parcel
According to the information received, Vijay Jeet, a resident of Link Road in Pratap Nagar of Alwar Gate police station area, also ordered an iPhone from the accused. When the old bluetooth headphones and closed keypad mobile were found in the parcel instead of the iPhone. Seeing this, he suspected that he had been cheated. After that he filed a case at the police station. Constable Sukhram and Himmat were engaged in the investigation of this case. Both traced the accused through the company of the parcel and nabbed the accused Bharat Vaishnav with clues.

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Apart from Rajasthan, people were also victimized in these states.
SHO Gurjar said that apart from Rajasthan, the accused has committed crimes in other states including Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Hyderabad, Telangana, Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, West Bengal. Investigation is being done in this regard who used to support the accused.

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