rajasthan new ministers 2021 list: gehlot cabinet ke naye minister: this is the 15 new members of gehlot’s team, three lady ministers too, know everything about them

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rajasthan new ministers 2021 list: gehlot cabinet ke naye minister: this is the 15 new members of gehlot’s team, three lady ministers too, know everything about them


The picture has become clear regarding the cabinet expansion in Rajasthan. Congress State President Govind Singh Dotasara has released the list of leaders to be included in the cabinet. In this, out of 15 faces, four people are from the pilot camp. At the same time, many such people have also been included, who will take oath as minister for the first time. Apart from three women ministers, independents have also been given place in the new cabinet. At the same time, efforts have been made to maintain the ethnic balance. Know about the profile and position of all the ministers in the report.


Pilot supporter Murarilal was also happy

Pilot supporter Murarilal Meena, who described Sachin Pilot as his leader, has also been made a minister. He has been inducted as Minister of State.

Brijendra Ola is recognized as a big Jat leader of Shekhawati

After the resignation of Education Minister Govind Singh Dotasara, Brijendra Ola is seen as an important link in retaining the party’s place in Shekhawati division. Pilot supporters are big Jat leaders of Ola Shekhawati.

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With Gehlot in political crisis, again against, became minister

Rajendra Gudha, considered Gehlot’s special, is also going to become a minister. Gudha, who joined Congress from BSP, stayed with the government in political crisis, but was seen angry with the government and the party for the past few months. The great thing is that Rajendra Gudha’s brother-in-law Bhanwar Singh Bhati is already in the cabinet as the Minister of Higher Education.

Zahida to represent Muslim face in cabinet

Zahida, a Muslim candidate coming from the Kaman area of ​​Bharatpur, has also been included in the cabinet. Zahida can be seen as an important factor for the party. At the same time, the talk of not giving ministerial posts to Muslim candidates for a long time, will also get a break.

Shakuntala Rawat also became minister

Shakuntala Rawat, who comes from Bansoor seat of Alwar, is also going to join the cabinet. Shakuntala, who won from Bansoor seat twice, is one of the party’s confidants.

Bhajanlal Jatav has also been promoted

Bhajan Lal Jatav, who was earlier working as Minister of State for Agriculture, has again got a place in the cabinet. Now promoted from Minister of State to Cabinet Minister.

Two-time MLA, a minister from Meghwal quota

After the death of Master Bhanwar Lal Meghwal, there is no Dalit minister in the cabinet. In such a situation, Govind Ram Meghwal, Mahendrajit Singh Malviya and Mamta Bhupesh have been included in the cabinet. It is believed that Meghwal will be given the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment.

President for years in dairy unions, now he will become minister

Ramlal has been the president of Jat dairy unions for many years. Due to openly supporting Ramlal Jat, who comes from Mandal seat of Bhilwara, it is believed that he has been given the gift of a cabinet minister.

Mahendrajit Singh Malviya, who accused BTP MLAs, in the cabinet

Mahendrajit Singh Malviya, who has identified himself as a big face in the tribal area, has also got a place in the cabinet. Malviya had been a minister in the past as well. It is noteworthy that Malviya came into the limelight during the political crisis when he accused BTP MLAs of investing money.

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Minister again after discussion of Vishvendra Singh’s Gehlot faction

Vishvendra Singh, a member of the Bharatpur royal family, who appeared in the Sachin Pilot camp during the political crisis, is once again joining the cabinet. It is noteworthy that there has been a discussion regarding Vishvendra Singh, MLA from Deeg Kumher assembly, to join the Gehlot faction. Since then it was believed that Vishvendra Singh would again join the cabinet.

Mamta Bhupesh also got promotion

Minister of State for Women Mamta Bhupesh is also maintaining a place in the Gehlot team. At the same time, he is being promoted from Minister of State to Cabinet Minister. Coming from SC, Mamta Bhupesh previously had the Department of Women and Child Development.

Hemaram Choudhary was also made minister again

Hemaram Choudhary, the senior-most member from Rajasthan Congress, has once again been given a ministerial post. He was also removed from the post of minister after the political crisis.

Ramesh Chand Meena again minister

Won from BSP in 2008, then became a minister in the Food and Supplies Department after the formation of the Congress government. After the rebellion of the pilot camp, he was sacked from the post of minister,

Tikaram Julie gets promoted

Tikaram Julie, who came in the Alwar Rural Assembly constituency of Rajasthan, was in the cabinet as a minister of state. Now he has been promoted in the cabinet expansion. Julie previously held the responsibility of the Labor Department.

Chief Whip Dr. Mahesh Joshi included in the cabinet

Dr. Mahesh Joshi, the MLA coming from Hawamahal assembly of the capital Jaipur, is included in the special people of the Gehlot camp. Presently playing the role of Chief Whip. At the same time, now he can be seen as a medical minister.

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