rahul gandhi: Attack on attack… How much will Rahul’s political stature increase with the return of agricultural laws? – how much will rahul’s political figure increase with scraping of agricultural laws?

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rahul gandhi: Attack on attack… How much will Rahul’s political stature increase with the return of agricultural laws? – how much will rahul’s political figure increase with scraping of agricultural laws?


  • Rahul played an important role in giving edge to the opposition to agricultural laws
  • From Parliament to the road, the government is surrounded on almost every issue.
  • Left all opposition leaders behind to surround the government

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The announcement of the return of agricultural laws is very important in many respects. This has forced a very strong government to back down. Agriculture laws were passed by Parliament in 2020. Soon after his passing, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi started a fierce opposition to him. From the road to the Parliament, he attacked the BJP for this. This put pressure on the Modi government.

Rahul Gandhi’s opposition to agricultural laws needs to be looked at from another point of view. He did this protest without knowing which of the opposition parties would stand with him in this. It is important to mention 2015 here. Then the Leader of the Opposition had single-handedly opened a front against the Land Acquisition Act on the government. Later other opposition parties also joined the protest. Rahul cannot be seen in isolation in creating an atmosphere against these two controversial steps of the government. In both these cases, the government had to step back.

Rahul Gandhi’s open letter to farmers and laborers, warned PM Modi, do not do such ‘adventure’ further

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to withdraw three agriculture laws should certainly boost the morale of Rahul Gandhi and his supporters. Rahul has been aggressive from the beginning in giving edge to this protest. As soon as the government took steps on the agricultural law, he wrote an open letter in favor of the farmers and laborers and congratulated them. Also cautioned the PM that he should not dare to take such a step again.

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The loudest voice in the opposition
During the agricultural movement, Rahul always kept saying in conversation that the central government would one day be forced to withdraw these laws. Whether reaching Parliament by driving a tractor or not allowing Parliament to function on this issue, Rahul’s voice was seen as the loudest among the opposition.

In attacking the government on different issues, the opposition has never shown cooperation or rather is dividing. But, Rahul Gandhi has put the government in the dock on almost every issue. He has become increasingly aggressive over the years. He has also used social media extensively to attack the government.

BJP raged on Sidhu’s comment on Imran, my elder brother, said – the one who was afraid happened, statement at the behest of Rahul

also raised issues of national security
Not only agricultural law, but also on the issues of national security, Rahul’s impetuosity has been seen. Where the opposition did tactical politics on issues like China’s aggressive attitudes, Rafale deal and handling of the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. At the same time, Rahul openly made the government accountable on every issue. Not only this, Rahul Gandhi appeared in the forefront of those who surrounded and questioned the government on the issue of asset monetization.

Rahul’s stand has gained strength after reports of Chinese occupation in Indian territory. While other opposition leaders were reluctant to speak on the issue fearing that the BJP might force them to politicize issues of national security.

Whether or not anything else has happened due to attack on the government, but Rahul has definitely left other leaders of the opposition behind. He has also replied to the leaders of his party who have been questioning Rahul’s abilities. In this context, in the coming winter session of Parliament, it will be interesting to see to what extent his acceptability in the opposition has increased.

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