quick weight loss stories: this 125 kg woman reduced her weight by 50 kg without surgery followed this diet plan for weight loss

quick weight loss stories: this 125 kg woman reduced her weight by 50 kg without surgery followed this diet plan for weight loss

Increasing weight is a problem for every person. On the other hand, losing weight is very challenging for women. This is because they also have to face many other problems while losing weight. But by overcoming all these difficulties, Chanchal Malhotra showed a charisma. Chanchal Malhotra, who lives in the city of Mumbai, works as a business developer in a company.

Chanchal’s weight had reached 125 kg at one time, since then he has reduced his weight by 50 kg. What was important in Chanchal’s weight loss? We will look into this. You read this article till the end. Do you know if Chanchal’s diet or exercise can work for you too!
  • Name – Chanchal Malhotra
  • Job Job – Business Developer
  • age-30
  • Length – 172 cm
  • Max Weight – 125kg
  • Reduced weight – 50 kg
  • Weight loss time – 2 years

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Multiple tries and mistakes

People make the decision to lose weight very quickly. But this problem comes to an end only with patience and continuous efforts. Something similar happened in Chanchal’s life. Chanchal says that even before this she has tried to lose weight many times. But she used to go back to where she started.

Chanchal says, the weight gain started after her parents separated. After the separation of his parents, he made food his therapy. Due to which his weight had gone up to 110 kg.

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Plus size clothes didn’t even come

At that time, Chanchal could not even wear plus size clothes. After this he started going to the gym. But in the matter of eating and drinking, he made a mistake. She often starved herself and whenever she ate, she used to consume only unhealthy food, fruits and water. Due to which his weight decreased by 40 kg. But because of this he started feeling very weak. At the same time, after about 1.5 years, his weight reached 89 kg.

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Took support of keto diet

What is called continuous effort, it is understandable from the journey of Chanchal. After that he started going to the gym again. This time Chanchal resorted to keto diet and completely excluded carbs from the diet.

But during this time he got the problem of slip disc. Due to which Chanchal had to stay on the bed for 6 months. Now her weight was 125 kg and she had lost hope of getting fit again.

adopted home cooked food

But it is said that no matter how dense the darkness is, the firefly finds its way. This time Chanchal made up his mind to try one more time. This happened when a man broke her heart. Now he had understood some things, that the weight would not be reduced overnight. So he slowly started losing weight. For this, he first made a list of things that he did not have to do. In which he again made home-cooked food his basic mantra. Because of which she is where she wanted to reach today.

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Such was Chanchal’s diet

It is said that exercise only works 20 percent in reducing or increasing weight. Whereas 80 percent of your diet. In such a situation, Chanchal also kept his diet very measured, only then perhaps this charisma could happen.

  1. Breakfast – 3 eggs out of which one whole and two white parts, multi grain bread or oats chilla.
  2. Lunch – 1 Nachni Roti, 1 Bowl Chicken, 1 Bowl Salad, 1 Bowl Dal, 1/2 Bowl Long Grain Basmati Rice (made with Ghee).
  3. Dinner – Chanchal eats something like lunch in dinner, only its quantity is less. Usually she takes grilled chicken, salad and 1 roti.
  4. Pre workout – a cup of black coffee and half an apple
  5. post workout – 3 boiled eggs (white part)
  6. cheat day – Chanchal tells that she does not believe in Chead Day. She often eats a very small portion of those things which are not included in her diet. In this way she takes care of her diet.
  7. low calorie food Oats Cheela, Kale Smoothie, Oatmeal Pulao, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Mushroom and Chicken Omelette
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These exercises helped

Chanchal often does high intensity workouts. Apart from this, she often does yoga. Apart from this, she does brisk walk, and running whenever she can. They feel that exercise should be like fun.

fitness secret

The straight and easy way to lose weight is to be patient and maintain discipline. Apart from this, there is no other secret to losing weight. A proper diet and exercise.

lifestyle changes

Chanchal says that she has adopted many changes in her life to lose weight.

  1. eat homemade food everyday
  2. Chanchal often inspires people to eat what is produced in our country.
  3. Take care of nutrition.
  4. stay active
  5. You have to exercise for one hour daily.
  6. Chanchal also got a lot of help from meditation

Friends, then you know how Chanchal’s weight loss journey was. You can also try the diet or exercise adopted by Chanchal.

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Disclaimer: What worked for the author may not necessarily work for you. So avoid blindly following this article and find out what works best for your body.

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