Quad | The Indo-Pacific region must be free and safe; Quad countries’ message to China

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Quad | The Indo-Pacific region must be free and safe; Quad countries’ message to China

Quad: The first meeting of the Quad countries decided that the Indo-Pacific region should remain free and secure. The meeting was attended by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, US President Joe Biden, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Japanese Prime Minister Suga Virtual.

The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi said that if we all come together and cooperate with each other, the values ​​of this region and the security of this region will be maintained. Narendra Modi also said that these countries are coming together on the issues of democratic values, independence and development in the Indo-Pacific region. The Quad is a group of four countries in the Indo-Pacific region, India, the United States, Japan and Australia. This group protects each other’s interests in the Indo-Pacific region.

US President Joe Biden said the group of quad countries is important for enhancing cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region. India, the US, Japan and Australia, all four countries in the quad group, have strained relations with China. Tensions between India and China have recently risen on the Ladakh border.

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He also called on the Quad countries to increase cooperation with European countries and other important countries. But there was no discussion on the expansion of the quad group. The quad meeting is said to be a kind of victory for China in the Indo-Pacific region. India has expressed readiness to assist the countries in this group in the production and distribution of corona vaccines.

In February, China’s Global Times criticized India. It said that India was becoming a negative asset for the SCO and BRICS groups, which no longer mattered. India has assumed China’s support in this group and India has always been trying to blackmail China strategically.

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