Protein kab lena chahiye: At what time should protein be taken to lose weight and build muscles? Know the opinion of scientists

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Protein kab lena chahiye: At what time should protein be taken to lose weight and build muscles? Know the opinion of scientists

Protein is most important for the body and people use this supplement for many reasons. Some people take protein to build muscle and some for their overall health. But people who are troubled by obesity and practice to lose weight, they especially take protein diet. The pandemic has prompted most of us to focus on our health. Now many people have started taking protein in their diet, because a recent survey revealed that 46 percent of the people of the country have a very poor standard of living.

It was found in the survey that only 9 percent of the people of the country pay attention to protein. Therefore, it is very important to include protein in your diet. But many people do not know the right time to take protein. In this article, we are giving you information about the best time to take protein, which will give many benefits to your overall health.

When is the best time to take protein?

This question often bothers people’s mind that which is the best time to take protein. It depends on your health and fitness goals. If you consume protein at a particular time of day, it depends on whether you’re taking it to build up muscle, preserve muscle, or lose weight. Below are some tips regarding this, according to which you can consume protein according to your special time.

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protein for weight loss

Protein is one of the most important nutrients for fat loss. Taking a high protein diet increases the metabolic rate of your body and also helps in reducing hunger. One study found that those on a high protein diet consumed 100 favorite calories at dinner compared to those who ate chocolate, crackers food at lunch.

For information, let us tell you that all types of food like yogurt, crackers food and chocolate contain the same amount of calories. In such a situation, it is good to take protein between meals for weight loss, in this way it will help in controlling your appetite as well as consuming less calories.

Right time to take protein to build muscle

Protein is essential for building muscle. Especially those who do weight lifting training, it is very important to take protein in the diet. The exact timing of protein intake for this goal is not known. However, fitness trainers recommend taking a protein supplement 15-60 minutes after exercise.

This time duration, known as the ‘anabolic window’, is known to take advantage of nutrients such as protein after exercise. According to the International Society of Sports Nutrition, protein intake at any time up to two hours after your workout is essential for muscle buildup.

Protein to prevent muscle loss

As you get older, it is especially important to maintain muscle mass. Research shows that people typically lose about 3-8% of their muscle mass every century after the age of 30. Explain that losing muscle is more prone to fractures and younger age. In such a situation, to prevent the loss of muscle mass with age, scientists recommend consuming protein throughout the day. After the age of 30, you should take about 25-30 grams of protein after every meal.

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Exercise performance and recovery protein time

Athletes also wonder when they should be consuming protein. According to scientists, consuming protein with carbs after exercise and while working out can reduce performance, recovery and pain. A study of 11 cyclists found that a protein and carb drink improved recovery and reduced muscle soreness during training compared to a placebo.

Is it ok to take protein before bedtime?

Research has found that taking protein before going to bed is effective for building muscle, increasing strength, performance and recovery. In the study of scientists, it has been found that a protein diet before sleeping is very effective in promoting muscles. Scientists recommend consuming 40 grams of protein before going to bed.

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