Prosecutor: Men chased Arbery just because he was a black man walking

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Prosecutor: Men chased Arbery just because he was a black man walking

In her closing argument, chief prosecutor Linda Dunnikowski at the trial of three men charged with the murder of Ahmaud Arbery said the defendants had no justification for pursuing Mr Arbery or claiming that they were making a civilian arrest. , because they had no knowledge that Mr. Arbery had committed a crime that day – he merely assumed that he had.

“These three defendants guessed what was going on that day,” she said. “And they decided to attack Ahmaud Arbery in his driveway, because he was a black man running down the street.”

Ms Dunikoski’s mention of Mr Arbery’s race was significant because, during testimony last week, she did not bring up any instances of the racist comments she is said to have made, claiming William Bryan was her fellow defendant. , Travis McMichael, used a racist slur right after he fatally shot Mr Arbery, a claim Mr McMichael’s lawyers denied.

“So what is happening here? You know what is really happening here,” she said in her closing argument. Arbery was under attack. ,

He continued: “They shot and killed him, not because he was a threat to them, but because he didn’t stop and talk to them. And they were going to make him—exactly make him—stop Go on. ‘We’re going to point a gun at you! That will stop it.'”

Mr Arbery was inside a partially built home in the defendant’s neighborhood on February 23, 2020. After a neighbor saw him and called the police, Mr. Arbery left the house and started running. It was then that Travis McMichael’s father, Gregory McMichael, saw Mr. Arbery and called his son, and the two men followed Mr. Arbery in a pickup truck. A neighbor Mr. Brian soon followed Mr. Arbery.

The men have said they were trying to take Mr Arbery into custody as part of a legalized civilian arrest. But Ms Danikoski said Georgia law calls for a person to be in the presence of a crime being committed, or to have “immediate knowledge” that a crime was committed, to make such an arrest. The law also states that a person may make such arrest if an offense has been committed and a suspect is “running or attempting to escape”, but the person making the arrest has “reasonable and probable grounds” of suspicion. Should be

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Ms Danikoski said the three men had never seen Mr Arbery inside the partially built home on the day of the incident. At most, she said, Mr. Arbery had committed the crime of trespass. There is no evidence that Mr. Arbery ever took anything from the house, which he had seen several times before.

“Is he such a big thief that never showed up with any means to steal a bag, or anything, well, or is he a look-loo?” he said.

Without a legal justification to detain Mr Arbery, Ms Dunnikowski said, the men were essentially committing crimes against her.

She walked through charges including false imprisonment, felony assault, felony and malice to the jury. He referred to details that had emerged in testimony as to the way three men in two pickup trucks chased after Mr Arbery, who had run away from him on foot. She noted that Mr Brian tried several times to use his car to stop Mr Arbery, at one point throwing him into a ditch off the road. She mentioned that Gregory McMichael had told investigators that Mr Arbery was trapped “like a rat” after being hit by two trucks.

She also steered the jury through aspects of the law that she convicted all three men of crimes, including murder, even though only one of them had pulled the trigger. She compared their acts to that of a football team working together to win.

“Everybody gets a Super Bowl ring,” she said.

Ms. Danikowski’s presentation lasted about an hour. She suggested that she exercise her right to speak a second time after the defense has given her final arguments.

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