Pronabec: learn about the usefulness of vocational guidance tests at the end of school | News

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Pronabec: learn about the usefulness of vocational guidance tests at the end of school | News

Before deciding which career to study, it is important that young people who are about to finish school or those who have already done so seek to know each other well and identify their skills and aptitudes, professional preferences and personal aspirations and there is nothing better than doing it through a test or vocational test.

Reegan Orozco, specialist of the National Program of Scholarships and Educational Loans (Pronabec) of the Ministry of Education, specified that one of the instruments that allows young people to discover the profession that they are really passionate about are vocational guidance tests.

“Through these tests, they will have valuable information that will allow them to know themselves to discover their true vocation and thus be able to make the right decision about their future.”

Orozco highlighted some of the advantages of vocational guidance tests so that future professionals really know what to study:

It allows young people to know themselves. It helps them discover themselves, identify their aptitudes, abilities, interests, strengths and opportunities for a wise decision about their professional future.

Helps reduce dropouts from higher education. Vocational guidance helps young people realize their personal and professional goals and objectives, and at the same time helps reduce student dropout and therefore the social and economic costs for the country.

People are happier. Working on what they are really passionate about allows young people to feel more motivated and content, which is important for their well-being.

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It contributes to train qualified workforce. The labor market becomes more competitive, because it has professionals more committed to their tasks.

The specialist pointed out that the objective of these tests is precisely to make each person identify what they are good at, what tasks are more attractive to them and what they would like to do in the future.

He recalled that the web portal “Ponte en Carrera” offers two vocational guidance tests, access to which is online and free, by entering The first test “Know yourself a little more” allows the person to know their learning styles, their social skills and multiple intelligences.

Meanwhile, the “Discover what career to study” test helps you identify your vocation.

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Posted on: 11/3/2021

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