price of a cup of tea in pakistan: Food Prices in Pakistan, Prices of vegetables, pulses continue to soar

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price of a cup of tea in pakistan: Food Prices in Pakistan, Prices of vegetables, pulses continue to soar


  • The price of a cup of tea in Rawalpindi, Pakistan reaches Rs 40
  • After the increase in the price of milk, tea leaves and gas, the shopkeepers increased the price
  • Earlier, a cup of tea was available for 30 rupees, Imran Khan was failing to stop the price hike

The unexpected rise in the price of tea in Pakistan has spoiled the taste of the poor people’s mouth. In Rawalpindi, the headquarters of the Pakistan Army, a cup of tea is available for Rs 40. On the other hand, Prime Minister Imran Khan, who gave the slogan of Naya Pakistan, is trying to mislead people in the name of Islam and India. Not only tea, the prices of sugar, gas and vegetables have also reached the seventh sky across Pakistan.

‘Daka’ on the pockets of poor Pakistanis in Rawalpindi
As per Dawn’s report, the cost of a cup of tea in Rawalpindi’s Garrison City is now Rs 40. The shopkeepers here have increased the prices of tea after sugar and gas became expensive. In some cafeterias and restaurants in Rawalpindi, the cost of a cup of tea has exceeded Rs 45. In Pakistan, the price of a cup of tea in the first pavement shops was 30 rupees.

Poor Pakistanis are not even allowed to eat chicken, the price of chicken meat in Karachi exceeds 500
A cup of tea made from Rs 30 to Rs 40
The report quoted a street vendor as saying that due to rising prices of loose tea bags, tea bags, milk, sugar and gas, a cup of tea is now being sold for Rs 40 instead of Rs 30. He told that the price of tea leaves has increased by 35 percent in the market. So we have to increase the price to cover our cost.

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Now due to drought, Pakistani people are in trouble, Imran Khan has a big problem.
Tea vendors told the condition of milk, gas, tea leaves
Tea vendors of Rawalpindi said that the price of milk has increased from Rs 105 to Rs 120 per litre. At the same time, the retail price of tea leaves has increased from Rs 800 to Rs 900. The gas cylinder has also increased from Rs 1500 to Rs 3,000. He claimed that his earnings have been badly affected due to the increase in the prices of all these items. In such a situation, they are left with no option but to increase the price of tea.

In Pakistan, due to inflation, ginger reached 1000 rupees per kg.
Egg and ginger prices set record in Rawalpindi
A few days ago, the price of eggs in Rawalpindi had reached Rs 350 per dozen. Not only this, one kg of ginger was being sold for Rs 1000. Pakistanis, who queued for hours for flour, may now have to face the shortage of LPG as well.

In Pakistan, the price of one kg of sugar crosses Rs 100, people are stunned by Imran’s ‘inflation gift’
Imran Khan fails to control inflation
In February, Prime Minister Imran Khan dissolved the market committees of Punjab and his home state Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) to control rising inflation in the country. Imran took this decision while presiding over a meeting regarding price control of essential commodities in Islamabad. In fact, many complaints of mis-governance and corruption were received from both these states.

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Pakistani stoves can be extinguished due to lack of LPG
Pakistan is going to face a severe gas crisis in the coming months. Sui Northern, a gas supplier to Pakistan, will face a gas shortage of 500 million standard cubic feet per day. Due to this acute shortage of gas, the company will have no option but to stop the supply of gas to the power sector. The Imran Khan government of Pakistan did not buy gas on time, due to which the people of the country are now suffering.

Pakistan Tea

The price of tea in Pakistan is on the seventh sky

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