President Biden arrives in Nantucket for Thanksgiving

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President Biden arrives in Nantucket for Thanksgiving

But with his new job, Mr. Biden brings in a dizzying array of security personnel, members of the media and White House officials, not to mention a parade of family members: his children, Ashley and Hunter; Hunter’s wife, Melissa; grandchildren Naomi, Finnegan, Macy, Natalie, Hunter Biden II and Beau; and Naomi’s fiancé, Peter Neal.

“There’s a bit of excitement,” said Noah Karberg, assistant manager of Nantucket Memorial Airport. He said the island has welcomed former Secretary of State John Kerry and former Vice President Mike Pence. Nevertheless, he has asked his staff to stay a little later than usual for the arrival of Air Force One on Tuesday night.

“We get to handle a really big plane,” he said.

Representative William Keating, a Democrat from Massachusetts, said his phone line was flooded with calls from residents describing the additional security presence on the island.

“These are people who are used to visiting famous people,” said Mr. Keating, who represents Nantucket as well as Martha’s Vineyard, where Obama has a home. “But I think it’s just the entourage.”

The Bidens took a break from Thanksgiving in Nantucket in 2015, just six months after Beau died of brain cancer at the age of 46. He instead went to Rome that year. The family has returned to the island occasionally since then, but did not spend Thanksgiving on the island in 2019 due to travel commitments to Mr Biden’s presidential campaign. Last year, they stayed in Rehoboth, Del., due to concerns about the pandemic.

“People remembered him, but mostly it was sympathy,” Fritsch said.

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One thing the president won’t be able to avoid during his holiday break is a reminder of the labor shortage that has hit employers across the country, including at the local Fairgrounds restaurant and Puddle’s Pub, where warnings of potential delays have been put in place. Patrons are welcomed along.

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