Pope Francis told to sit outside due to knee pain

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Pope Francis told to sit outside due to knee pain

Rome: Pope Francis has abandoned plans to visit Florence this weekend and will be unable to preside over Ash Wednesday services next week due to acute knee pain, the Vatican said on Friday.

The Pope’s doctor had prescribed a “longer rest period for the leg” due to “acute gonalgia” or knee pain, the Vatican explained in a note.

The note did not specify whether the problem was related to Francis’ previous difficulties with sciatica, a chronic nerve condition that causes pain in the back, hip and leg, forcing him to walk with a limp, and Forces high-profile appearances to be canceled or modified. Past.

The position, which Frances, 85, calls her “disturbed guest”, makes it difficult for her to stand still for long periods of time.

Francis was admitted to the hospital in July for surgery to remove a portion of his colon, but is generally considered to be in good health. The flare-up meant, however, that he would not attend a meeting with bishops and mayors of the Mediterranean region in Florence on Sunday, nor would he preside over the Ash Wednesday services that begin the period of Lent.

In recent weeks, Francis complained of a ligament inflammation in his right knee. At a general meeting last month, he apologized after informing believers that he would not be able to go among them to bring his personal greetings.

The problem was “temporary”, he said with a smile: “They say it only happens to old people, and I don’t know why it happened to me.”

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A few days ago, he apologized during another audience that he would have to be seated. “My leg hurts, and it’s worse if I keep standing,” he said.

Sciatica forced Francis to skip New Year’s Mass the year before, and Francis attended a Vespers service the previous New Year’s Eve, but he did not preside as originally scheduled.

According to the Vatican’s press office, following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, knee pain, although troublesome, did not prevent him from meeting with the Russian ambassador to the Holy See on Friday morning “to express concern for the war”. Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni confirmed that Francis spent more than half an hour with Ambassador Alexander Avdeev.

And the Pope plans to go even further. On Friday the Vatican released its itinerary for a trip to Malta in early April.

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