Polluted Air Of Delhi Brings 55 Year Old Woman On Ventilator

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Polluted Air Of Delhi Brings 55 Year Old Woman On Ventilator


  • People are facing breathing problems due to air pollution in Delhi
  • New patients coming to OPD every day, never had problem of breathlessness
  • A 55-year-old woman has to be put on a ventilator in a hospital
  • Young man admitted to the hospital due to difficulty in breathing, turned out to be asthma

New Delhi
A 55-year-old woman has been an asthma patient for 20 years. Asthma was kept under control with medicine. But this time asthma is not being controlled with medicine in the air. The problem has increased so much that he had to be admitted to the hospital. Still the situation did not improve, so first admitted to ICU and now she has gone on ventilator support. Not only this, the doctor says that this time young patients are coming to the OPD, at least 10 to 15 percent new patients are coming daily in every OPD, who had never had shortness of breath before.

Dr. Sandeep Nayyar of Respiratory Department of BLK Super Specialty Hospital said that pollution has made it worse. Patients have increased in OPD, now due to this the patient has to be admitted. Doctor Sandeep said that there is a 55-year-old woman. We have an old patient. This time his condition has worsened. They started having problems after Diwali. If medicine is not controlling at all, then they are admitted. Treatment is going on, but still there is no relief, then kept in ICU. If the problem did not subside, now ventilator support has to be given.

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Young man admitted for the first time due to breath, turned out to be asthma
Aakash Healthcare’s Pulmologist Dr Akshay Budhraja said that a young patient had to be admitted for treatment due to shortness of breath. The patient was admitted to the emergency of Akash Hospital on 31 October. He was already suffering from breathlessness, dry cough, throat irritation. Oral medicines about 2 days before admission did not reduce his problem.

The patient was given nebulised medicines, steroid shots and oxygen supplements. On November 4, after treatment, he was discharged on home oxygen therapy. He said that on examination it was found that bronchial asthma is caused due to allergies and bad air.


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