Peru: Reviving tourism businesses | News | mcezone

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Peru: Reviving tourism businesses | News | mcezone

General Manager Tibisay Monsalve confirmed on Saturday that the tourism sector has seen a reactivation of diverse businesses – which had to be closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the official, these businesses include those who provide crafts, accommodation and food (restaurants).

However, the SHP representative indicated that tour guide services, as well as tourism agencies, still register low demand, as traveling families do not currently purchase tourist packages.

“Travellers look for accommodation on the Internet and find out for themselves what activities they will do during the trip,” Monsalve told Andina news agency.

In this sense, she mentioned that travel agencies are offering special prices, as they do corporate shopping and book places at a variety of establishments.

In addition, the General Manager pointed out that there has been an increase in domestic tourism, adding that families prefer to travel to nearby places where they can reach by driving their own automobiles.


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