Peru: Cusco proposes COVID-19 passport to boost vaccination and economic revival News | mcezone

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Peru: Cusco proposes COVID-19 passport to boost vaccination and economic revival News | mcezone

16:01 | Cusco (Cusco Region), September 8.

As a way to boost vaccination and economic revival, the Cusco region is exploring the possibility of implementing a COVID-19 passport, which would provide incentives to individuals completing two doses of the vaccine at the same time.

“The only way to convince the population to go to immunization centers is to provide incentives and mechanisms for people to fulfill their responsibility and, therefore, we are proposing a COVID-19 passport, as has been done before in other parts of the world. It is from now on,” he remarked.

Benavente explained that COVID-19 passport holders who visit restaurants, shopping centers, other places can receive incentives by showing this document and proving that they have received two doses of the vaccine.

The regional authority noted that the ultimate goal is to implement a mechanism that enables people to work and, thus, revive the economy, which is meant to be.

The initiative aims to encourage the population to get vaccinated and to demonstrate that they have received two doses.

Explaining the reasons for introducing the COVID-19 passport, the Governor said that even though the sector has made progress on the first dose vaccination, there is a gap on the second dose shots, which needs to be bridged at the earliest. .

“We need to close the gap. There are 40, 50, and 60-year-olds who still need vaccinations. We’ve progressed by giving the first dose to over 70% of the population, but the central problem is that people’s health needs to be vaccinated.” Has not returned for his second jab,” he confirmed.

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Published: 9/8/2021

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