Pakistan On PM Modi US Visit: Pakistan Media Crying On PM Modi US Visit & Quad Meeting Criticizing Imran Khan

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Pakistan On PM Modi US Visit: Pakistan Media Crying On PM Modi US Visit & Quad Meeting Criticizing Imran Khan

During Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to America, the Pakistani media has been badly incensed by Joe Biden’s warm welcome and the meeting of the Quad countries. Pakistani media has fiercely told the PTI government of Pakistan on Imran Khan’s not going to America and India’s growing influence. Pakistani experts said that Imran Khan’s virtual address to the United Nations General Assembly is a big diplomatic failure. We are not even able to compete with India.

According to sources, no big leader had given time to meet Imran Khan, due to which he thought it appropriate not to go to America for fear of humiliation. Pakistani experts said that it has been 20 months and Chinese President Xi Jinping has not even met Imran Khan and we claim that China is our friend. Another Pakistani expert said that Imran Khan should have gone to the General Assembly but we only sent our Foreign Minister who did not meet anyone. At the same time, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is meeting Biden, leaders of quad countries and big companies of America.
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‘You haven’t seen the hold of the Indian lobby yet’
He said that the dossier that Pakistan is presenting against India is of no use. We are saying that Pakistan is going to the block of Russia and China but it has been 20 months since we spoke to the Chinese President. Muzammil, a Pakistani expert living in Washington, said that today India’s influence in America has increased a lot. You haven’t seen the hold of the Indian lobby yet.
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Muzammil said that the CEOs, judges, parliamentarians of many big companies in America have become of Indian origin. Not only this, many people of Indian origin have come to the White House. At the same time, Muslim countries have also given their highest award to the Indian PM. Another expert said that Imran Khan has given interviews to foreign media, but it has not gone well. To no avail.

Modi stayed in the US for 65 hours and attended 20 meetings
Let us inform that Prime Minister Narendra Modi held several consecutive meetings during his three-day visit to America. Government sources said on Sunday that Modi was in the US for nearly 65 hours and during this time he attended 20 meetings. Sources said that on his way to the US and also on his return from there, the Prime Minister had four long meetings with the officials on the plane. Sources said that while on his way to the US on Wednesday, Modi held two meetings in the plane and after reaching there had three meetings in the hotel.

He said that on September 23, the Prime Minister had five meetings with various CEOs and then met US Vice President Kamala Harris. He held bilateral talks with his Japanese counterpart Yoshihide Suga and Australian counterpart Scott Morrison. The Prime Minister also chaired three internal meetings. Sources said the prime minister had a bilateral meeting with US President Joe Biden the next day and then attended the summit of the Quad. He also held four internal meetings on 24 September.

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