Pakistan Navy: Pakistan Navy will buy new Submarine from Turkey

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Pakistan Navy: Pakistan Navy will buy new Submarine from Turkey


  • Turkey built STM-500 submarine, Pakistan Navy can buy
  • This submarine can increase India’s troubles in the Arabian Sea
  • Being small in size, can escape from the sight of radar and sonar

Turkey has announced to start the construction work of the STM-500 submarine from next year. It will be about half the size of conventional submarines. It can be deployed to protect the country’s coastal border. But experts believe that apart from the Turkish Navy, Pakistan can also buy it. Pakistan currently has a total of nine submarines, most of which are out of operation due to lack of maintenance.

This Turkish company has already built two submarines
The STM-500 mini submarine has been designed by the indigenous Turkish company STM. It is also being seen as a strength of Turkey’s growing defense industry. It is a 500 ton ton class submarine. That is why it is named after combining company and class. The firm built Type-209 and Type-214 submarines for the Turkish Navy. In such a situation, the company has a lot of experience in submarine construction.

Secret mini submarine of Pakistan Navy seen in Karachi, know how dangerous it is for India?
Can carry out coastal security and reconnaissance missions
This submarine can do the job of coastal security, reconnaissance missions. Due to its small size, this submarine can easily patrol even in shallow water. It also has torpedoes, which can target enemy submarines or warships. Apart from this, it also gets short-endurance AIP (Air Independent Power). From this oxygen can be produced for the marines sitting inside.

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China handed over the first Type 054 warship to Pakistan, will increase India’s troubles in the Arabian Sea
Top speed is 33 kmph
It has been told in the report that this submarine gets its power from the lithium-ion battery. Once charged, it can patrol the sea for weeks. The length of this submarine is 42 meters, roundness-4.2 meters and height is 8.5 meters. The submarine has a maximum speed of 18 nautical miles (about 33 km) under water and 5 nautical miles on the surface.

Submarine was in international waters, former Indian Navy officer raised the air of Pakistani claim
This submarine is equipped with many weapons
To give power to this submarine, 2 diesel generators, lithium-ion batteries, 1.5 MW electric motor are installed. The submarine can patrol a range of 3,200 nautical miles on diesel, 75 nautical miles on battery or 4,000 nautical miles with Diesel + AIP. The submarine is fitted with four torpedo tubes of 4 x 533 mm. The submarine can carry 18 crew members.

What is EEZ or Exclusive Economic Zone? In which Pakistan is claiming to have entered the submarine of the Indian Navy
A threat to India if Pakistan gets it?
This mini submarine of Turkey is quite small in size. In such a situation, if it joins the Pakistani Navy, then it can easily infiltrate the Indian sea area. Being small, sonar systems and radars can also be difficult to catch. However, it can only perform tasks such as intelligence missions and area reconnaissance. With this, Pakistan cannot carry out any major mission. It can gather intelligence by entering narrow areas.

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