Pakistan Minister Reaches To Assembly From Bicycle Wearing Garland Made Of Vegetables

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Pakistan Minister Reaches To Assembly From Bicycle Wearing Garland Made Of Vegetables

PML-N MPA (MLA) Tariq Masih, wearing a garland of vegetables and riding a bicycle, arrived in Pakistan to participate in the session of the Punjab Legislative Assembly in protest against the rising inflation. Talking to Pakistani media, Masih said that he would stage a sit-in against rising inflation and would reach the assembly session on a bicycle. The garland of Christ’s vegetables was covered with potatoes, tomatoes and capsicum.

According to a Geo News report, protests were witnessed inside and outside the Punjab Assembly of Pakistan on Wednesday. Opposition MPs brought placards and raised anti-government slogans. These demonstrations are taking place at a time when inflation in Pakistan has reached its highest level in 70 years. According to the report of ANI, the prices of food items have almost doubled. The prices of Ghee, Oil, Sugar, Flour and Chicken have reached their all-time high.
The work of spreading Imran Khan’s bag came, Saudi Arabia gave a ‘donation’ of 3 billion dollars to pauper Pakistan
From poor to middle class everyone is helpless
“The country is paying the price of inflation, economic devastation and unemployment and the government does not realize that not only the poor but also those with white collar jobs,” the report quoted PML-N president Shahbaz Sharif as saying. It has crushed. After being disappointed in getting loans from the World Bank to the IMF, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan had finally worked his way up to Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The Saudi Fund for Development has announced that it will deposit $3 billion in the State Bank of Pakistan to help Pakistan’s Foreign Monetary Fund.

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Pakistan’s economy on the verge of bankruptcy
Saudi Arabia has given this big relief to Pakistan at a time when the country’s economy is on the verge of bankruptcy. According to Geo News, the Saudi Fund also informed that an official directive has been issued under which $ 1.2 billion will be given to Pakistan this year to finance the trade in oil products. This Saudi aid going to Pakistan was confirmed by Pakistan’s Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry and Energy Minister Hamad Azhar.

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