pacific lingcod: What is the largest fish with teeth

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pacific lingcod: What is the largest fish with teeth


  • 555 teeth found in the mouth of a fish named Pacific Lingkod
  • Pacific Lingcod fish loses 20 teeth every day
  • Information about the DNA, food and drink of living beings is obtained from the teeth

Scientists have discovered the fish with the most teeth in the world. This fish named Pacific Lingkod has a total of 555 teeth in its mouth. These teeth are equally divided in the upper and lower jaws of the fish. Now, a new study shows that these fish lose teeth as fast as they grow. Scientists claim that with growing up, 20 teeth of this fish fall every day.

the whole mouth is covered with teeth
Senior author Carly Cohen, who is doing research in biology at the University of Washington, said that every bone surface in this fish’s mouth is covered with teeth. The scientific name of the Pacific lingcod fish is Ophiodon elongatus. It is a predatory fish found in the North Pacific. When fully grown, this fish can grow up to 20 inches long. However, some Lingcod fish have also been found to be up to five feet long.

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set of jaws in the mouth of this fish
This fish has a long chain of teeth in its mouth. The part of the palate in their mouth is also covered with hundreds of teeth. They also have an additional small jaw behind a set of jaws in their mouth. It has wider teeth than the front. Fish use them to chew food in the same way humans use their molars.

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Teeth reveal the food of the organism
Cohen told Live Science that an organism’s teeth can tell how and what it eats. Because teeth remain in the form of fossils for a long time even after the death of the organisms. They are the most abundant found in the fossil record for many species. Many species have been identified on the basis of their teeth. Not only this, their food has also been discovered on the basis of these teeth.

This is how scientists discovered the loss of teeth
The study’s lead author, Emily Carr, is a biology specialist at the University of South Florida. To do this experiment, he kept 20 Pacific lingcod fish in tanks in a university laboratory. The teeth of these fish are so small that it is impossible to ascertain the speed of their teeth breaking in the open sea. He painted the teeth of the fish by adding color to the fish tank. After that, by putting it in another tank, studied the speed of their fall.

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