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What is Oreo TV Apk?

Guys are you downloading oreo tv on google. Apart from. In simple words, oreo tv apk provides free TV for your Android mobiles. Currently, orto tv apk 1.9.6 version and latest of 1.9.5, 1.9.4, 1.9.3, 1.9.2, 1.9.1, 1.9.0, 1.8.0, 1.8.9, v1.8.8, V1 Use version. 8.7, V1.8.6, V1.8.5 and V1.8.4 are older.

Oreo Tv

Oreo Tv

Our team is working for the betta version of orto tv 1.9.7 version.

Update on TV on 4/11/2021 APK:

Streaming of IPL matches between CSK and DC has started and you can now watch premium content.
Play and earn IPL betting.
Online video chatting is enabled for the user and you can start chatting with others while watching movies.
We plan to upgrade a new server to speed up movies.

Oreo tv APK 1.9.6 Download:

We had a problem with the JIO Live TV connection, now that we have fixed and we have moved our server to the Light Speed ​​Server, you can enjoy the high speed. You can download the latest version of oreo tv apk 1.9.6 by the link given below.

Download Oreo Tv Apk 1.9.5:

We have found some issues on Star channels and now we have decided. Just download the latest version 1.9.5 of oreo tv apk and install it in your device.

Offline video download is enabled.
While watching movies, you can download them to your local system.

Oreo tv APK 1.9.4 Download:

As per user request, we have added offline download to Oro TV apk 1.9.4 version. The following feature is included.

Zee Premium is fixed.
Jio catchup issue fixed
MX movies and shows are fixed and you can enjoy premium movies.
Hotstar login fixed.
Speed ​​and UI have been improved.
Oreo tv apk 1.9.3 download:
As we mentioned earlier, we have found bugs in version 1.9.2, so we have updated the app from 1.9.2 to 1.9.3. To install 1.9.3 you simply download the app from our site and install it.


Star Channel bug fixes,
Route access has been modified to access the TV channel.
The VIVO IPL live streaming interface has changed.
Android 11 installation can be done and you can use it for all devices.

Oreo tv apk 1.9.2 download:

As we reported earlier, we have updated our app to today’s latest version of oreo tv 1.9.2. You can download it from the links given below.

New look and default dark mod is enabled.
You can install the app directly by allowing the file.
IPL high speed streaming links are ready to be updated.

Oreo tv update on ipl

We are planning to provide IPL matches today, this means continuous IPL streaming from April 11 onwards so keep up with our Aural TV app.

Oreo TV app update on 06.03.2021:

As per the user request we have reconsidered our decision, not to discontinue the Orio TV app. So before the IPL match we march with oreo tv apk 1.9.2 version with new user intervention with new netflix movies. You can see the following upcoming changes.

The Star Channel is yet to watch the ind vs eng match live streaming. In addition, you can watch streaming based on your language.
Shows a request to a live movie or TV application admin.
We have created a community to ask any questions related to the installation of applications in Android, PC and FireStick TV.
In addition, a custom video player is added for streaming links

Update of oreo tv app on 28.1.2020:

Reference and income plans are included with our file. The plan is that you can earn money by referring to our oreo TV app. For each install you get 0.001 USD. By the way, 1 USD per 1000 installs.
Another 10+ website news feed is added to our news list.

Update Oreo Tv apk 11.1.2021:

All Tamil, Hindi, Kannada and Telugu BigBoss 24 × 7 streaming links have been updated in relation to the Bigg Boss channel. Now the user can access the dashboard.
Oreo Tv News and the latest version update can be viewed from the main menu itself. So users can easily get our news.
Dark mode @ screen side is now enabled and the user adjusts the brightness of the screen on the TV screen itself.
Now the hotlink download of our Oreo TV app is available in the share option. So you can share the official APK version from the app itself.
PIP mode is now enabled for screen overlay applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Messaging. Watch streaming on social media only.

Orio tv apk live match ind vs australia match:

India’s tour of Australia is with three ODIs, 4 Test matches and 3 T20 matches.

India won the 2–1 series of T20 matches and lost the ODI series 2–1.

Oreo tv apk latest update:

The latest Hero ISL Football League has been added with the latest version.

MI won the IPL Trophy by 8 wickets with 2 balls to spare. Now you can watch the IPL final by downloading oreo tv apk v1.8.9 on the internet. In addition, we have a Betta version of v1.9.1 with additional high-speed streaming networks.

There will be a final match between MI vs DC in IPL today. Moving from one match to another between MI vs DC is 27. In this MI won 15 matches against DC and DC won 12 matches.

As predicted by the match, approximately 53% of the choice of win is for MI, and the remaining 47% for DC.

As of yesterday’s match, DC won SRH by 17 runs and DC qualified for the finals.

Today the DC vs SRH semi-final match is going to be held at UAE Stadium at 7.30 pm.

Orio TV APK 1.9.1:

Some bugs that we found in the latest version of 1.9.0 such as Zee Tamil Link is not working.

Now we have updated zee5, Star bigboss news.

Orio TV APK 1.9.0:

Friends, today we have another release of oreo TV 1.9.0 to watch the latest TV shows and it has a new form of app interface.

In that, we have included another 200+ TV channel in the latest TV news.

Also, our user reported some bug in oreo TV 1.8.9 of earlier versions and we have removed the bug in the latest version.

Also, the app size has been increased from 10 MB to 12 MB.

Oreo TV APK 1.8.9 Version:

Update on 5/11/2020:

A new version of v1.8.9 has been released for additional features like live video uploading, TV channels, live chat and more. Let us see the detailed feature of the v1.8.9 version of oreo tv apk.

  • Users can be added to your channel using the network streaming option.
  • BigBoss Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam channel link has been added.
  • The IPL latest link is updated with additional channels.
  • Audio quality is auto added to the 0.06 Mbps option, so the user can select audio.
  • The auto screen fits into the live streaming placed on the left side of the screen.
  • Video quality of 144p and 260p is additionally added.
  • Screen lock and unlock option is added
  • Forward players are replaced by 10sec t0 5sec.

IPL Today Match on Oreo TV App:

  • Today we have qualifier match 2 for RCB vs SRH on 6/11/2020 @ 7.30 PM
  • MI vs DC @ 7.30 – 05/11/2020 and MI won by 54 runs
  • CSK, RR, KXIP, KKR are out of the four teams match as they have got only 12 points in their league matches. Here RR got the last place in the IPL points table.
  • CSK vs RR @ 7.30 PM – 19/10/2020
  • KKR vs SRH @ 7.30 pm – 18/10/2020
  • MI vs KXIP @ 3.30PM – 18/10/2020
  • RR vs RCB @ 3.30 pm – 17/10/2020
  • CSK vs DC @ 7.30 PM – 17/10/2020
  • MI vs KKR @ 7.30 PM – 16/10/2020 – MI wins by 8 wickets
  • RCB vs KXIP @ 730 PM – 15/10/2020 – KXIP won by 8 wickets.
  • SRH vs RR @ 3.30 PM – 11/10/2020
  • DC vs MI @ 7.30 pm – 11/10/2020
  • KKR vs KXIP @ 3.30 PM – 10/10/2020. KKR won by 2 runs
  • CSK vs RCB @ 7.30 PM – 10/10/2020. RCB won by 37 runs

Update on 10/31/2020:

IPLs are linked with the latest links 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p.
Volume and riser are added to the inbuilt screen.
Screen orientation settings have been added above the video player.
Another 500+ TV channel and 250+ movies download link has been added.
An easy search button is added.

Update on 10/24/2020:

All available features are added below @. The latest 1500+ TV channels have been added.

Oreo TV 1.8.9:

We have released a beta version of v1.8.9 with the latest IPL links and additional TV channels.

Betta version download link 1.8.8 is available in the menu section

Oreo TV v1.8.8 update:

The latest version of v1.8.8 has been released today along with other high-speed streaming links of IPL matches with other TV networks.

To do a quick update, simply uninstall the previous version and remove the existing version of the app and reinstall the app.

Friends, we have given the download link in .apk format.

If you are getting .apk links through Google Drive, then you click on the package installer. Then your browser will automatically download the APK file

Main characteristics:

The Star Sports link has been updated and you can watch non-stop streaming.
Security issue improved
Ipl bugs fixed

Update on 14/10/2020:

If the IPL match is not working, you can download the alternative oreo tv APK sports live tv v2 apk, GHD sports apk, or get the 10 best apk for the IPL match, etc.

Friends stopping the streaming links of IPL is working well, but to watch them from low speed internet, you have to change the quality of streaming from HD to SD.

Orio Tv Apk v1.8.7 download:

We have recently improved the user experience for the latest version of oreo tv 1.8.7.
Also, we have created a regioner and simple user interface.
The delay in the latest match reduces the time from 30 seconds to 10 seconds, so Auro TV Streaming will match in relation to the HOT Star TV interface.
Different score videos are added with the highlight player thumbnail.

Now, you’ll use the appliance. Head to the address bar and appearance up “com/oreo” and click on Go.
The Oreo TV download should begin from now. Download and install the appliance and you’ll be ready to start streaming!

In addition, we have a beta version of 1.8.8 for downloading match highlights and watching streaming from external applications such as MX Player.

How to install Oreo TV Apk 1.8.7:

We have two options for downloading and installing apps such as direct and external links. We recommend you to use external methods.

Update of Oreo TV V1.8.6 on 9/10/2020:

The sports channel high speed streaming link has been updated.
Update: 8/10/2020

In the latest version of V1.8.5, the Auro TV app removed all advertisements to improve the user experience. So you can watch IPL matches and other streaming without advertising interference. The same is applicable for Android TV and laptop or PC.
Also, the IPL 2020 full match schedule with the location of the stadium has been updated and you can see them in the dashboard.
The Formula-1 Motor GP Link has been updated today.
In addition, the HOT Star Movie box is added to the Movie menu.
EROS Movies, Hoichoi Videos latest Link has been updated.
CSK vs KKR Highlights just updated.
No registration is required.
Amazon FireStick TV guidance has been updated and you can watch them below.

Update 1/10/2010:

Some IPL links need to be refreshed to get instant streaming. If you are a jio user. Then logout and login to the app.
Update: 27/9/2020

New version v 1.8.5 updated
Enabled high speed PIP mode with the latest.
IPL Global and IPL English HD added
Update 22/9/2020:

New version v 1.8.4 updated
Play tips mode is active
Smooth scrolling was introduced on the screen.
IPL now included in Oreo TV app
Quick JSON is enabled in the search box. Now you can download them instantly by typing keywords.

Update: 30/7/2020:

Android Firebox TV bugs became smaller and new 500+ English channels and Indian channels were added.
The oreo TV app has been released as a new sister concern and you can download it using the My Account feature.

Update on 23/6/2020:

Custom volume buttons have been added to the oreo TV app
bugs fixed

Now the latest version has been updated,

PIP mode enabled
Added another 2000+ tv to access international

How to install Oreo Tv Apk for Laptop / PC:

Do you want to watch IPL / TV shows from your laptop or PC? Then follow my simple process to install oreo tv apk for computer.

For installation, you need a software called Bluestack. Download it from this link
Open Bluestack from your laptop / PC, then go to the browser section
There you can search orio APK files and download them.
After downloading, install and you can find the logo of the application. Click on it, it will open all the TVs on your PC. In particular, you can watch IPL matches from a PC or laptop.


This is an effective way to install oreo tv for windows pc or laptop. This is used to install the app from the local storge.

Oreo TV is an app made in India. OreoTV is one of the largest and most popular online TV platforms where you can watch 7000+ Tv Channels.

Download Latest Version Official Oreo Tv 1.9.2 free for Android, PC, IOS, Fire TV, Firestick, and Fire Cube. Enjoy the best entertainment platform in the world for Latest Movies, Tv Shows, Live Programs, Sports and many more.

Information About Oreo Tv Apk Official v1.9.6

Name Oreo-Tv
Compatible With Android 5.0+
Latest Version 1.9.6
License Third-Party (Free)
Developer OreoTv
Platforms Android, IOS, PC, Fire TV, Firestick and Fire Cube
Availability Worldwide
Price Free
Category Entertainment
Apk Size 10 MB

Hello friends, welcome back to once again. We are going to tell you in this post what are Oreo TV ?, how to download Oreo TV app or apk?, How to turn on OreoTv? – And how to watch in IPL 2020 Live free? If you also want to know this, then read this post completely.

We all know that this time IPL 2020 can only be seen live on Hotstar online but to watch it you have to buy a subscription on it. In such a situation, not everyone wants to pay money, for this we have found a way for you, you can live free IPL from the OreoTV app.

There are many more benefits of the OreoTv app, which we are going to tell you further, so let’s know what is OreoTv Apk ?, How to download Oreo-TV app?

What is Oreo TV? | What is Orio TV Apk?

Oreo Tv is one of the best free streaming applications available to all users. Oreo Tv offers thousands of movies and 8000+ Tv shows to everyone.

App                       OreoTV
Developer            OreoTV
License                 Third-Party (Free)
Platforms            Android, PC, Fire TV, Fire Cube
Availability          Worldwide

Oreo TV is an app made in India. You can run this application on mobile, PC, Fire TV, or Fire Cube. OreoTV is one of the largest and most popular online TV platforms where you can watch videos, movies, TV shows, live TV, news, sports, everything.

You can use Oreo TV anytime, anywhere. All you need is the internet. In this app, you can find more than 6000 channels. You can find Indian, Japan, Korean and more channels from different countries in one place. Not only this, but users can also listen to Live 4000+ Radio Station.

Oreo TV application has been recommended TV app to be one of the best options. Hope you know what OreoTV is? So let’s know more about it and also know how to download OreoTv app?

Download All Versions of Oreo Tv:

The latest version of Oreo Tv is 1.9.6. without this you can download many outdated version of OreoTv like Download Oreo Tv version 1.9.5, 1.9.4, 1.9.3, 1.9.2, 1.9.1, 1.9.0, 1.8.9, 1.8.8, 1.8.7, 1.8.6, 1.8.5, 1.8.4, 1.8.3, 1.8.2, 1.8.1 etc and more.

Oreo Tv features

Free Movies and TV Shows:

Through this app you can watch more than 6000 live channels, sports, movies, news all without filling any subscription for free. The special thing about Oreo Tv is that through this you can watch all this with 4K Ultra HD video quality and Pure Sound System.


The special thing about the Oreo Tv app is that in it you get all the content categorized in different categories. With which you can easily find your choice. In this photo, you can see that you have been given the category of Live TV, Movies, Shows, etc.

Oreo Tv Categorized catalog

Oreo Tv Categorized catalog

Favorite list

At OreoTV, we can add TV shows to favorite shows, new movies and more to Favorite List. So, we can see it whenever we want and you can find them all in one place. Because of this, we do not have to find our choice again and again.

Internal Video Support:

We can watch video player scenes in Full HD, Ultra Quality 2K & 4K, and more Video Quality. The schedule of upcoming matches in Oreo Tv is also shown below so you can easily know when the next match is. And you are also given many more features like easily control Brightness, Volume, Play, Pause, and forward the video duration while watching a video or TV.

Features of Oreo Tv Apk Official 1.9.6

  • The Android platform supports devices such as Amazon Firestick, FireTv, Android BOX, and SmartTv.
  • You can easily change the video quality.
  • 6000+ channels from many countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the US, Canada,
  • All episodes of tv serial
  • This app also supports download media content so that you can easily download movies and TV shows.
  • All the features of the app are free to use
  • Support for multiple devices
  • Exclusive Trading Section for LIVE Sports
  • User-free UI

Now you know what Oreo TV is? How to download the OreoTV app if you too? If you want to know, in this article we are going to tell you that.

Oreo TV apk download, How to Download Oreo Tv Apk Official 1.9.6

The Oreo TV app is not available in the Play Store for download as it steals content from other official apps against Play Store’s Privacy Policy and shows it on its Apk. Therefore, OreoTV will have to manually download its Apk from a third party website and then manually install it in the phone.

For this, you can go to Google and download the tv app download or by writing to tv apk download easily. You can also download it from the Oreo tv official website. Visit here

Now you must know what is Oreo-TV? And Oreo-TV app download Kaise Kare in Hindi? But after downloading it also has to be manually installed, so let’s know how to start Oreo TV.

How to Install Oreo TV?

If you are getting this app from any other website then the android will not allow it to be installed directly, for this you will have to resort to manual methods and install it yourself.

How to install OreoTv:

Step 1

First you go to Google or any browser and search Oreo TV and you can download OreoTV from any web site.

Step 2

At the time of downloading, you will find a box mentioned below, in which you like ok.

Download Oreo Tv

Download Oreo-Tv

Step 3

Now you wait till the download and after downloading go to your file manager and find and install the app of Oreo TV.

Step 4

To install you have to turn on the unknown source in your phone.

For that you go into the settings and open the security option, you will see the option of Allow installation from unknown source, turn it on and then your Oreo TV will be installed.

Path:- settings/(additional settings) security/ Allow installation from unknown source

oreo tv step 4 setting

Oreo-Tv step 4 setting

Now you are ready to enjoy OreoTv.


Is Oreo Tv safe? | What is OreoTV?

If you are an Android or smartphone user, then you also must have heard so much that cyber attacks keep happening in the world every day and if you download any app from the play store in the phone.

So the team of play store security watches for them and there is a small chance that such a problem is with you.

if an app is not on the play store and you download any app from a third party website, then play store is not responsible for it.

So there must have been some reason why the Android team did not let him come to the play store, if I give my personal opinion, then the Oreo tv app may not be safe for you.

But if seen, OreoTv has millions of users recently and so far no problems have been encountered, then you can use this app.

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Some Questions & Answers About Oreo TV

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Oreo TV liberal to use?
Yes, Oreo TV is one of the highest free streaming applications available to users. It offers thousands of flicks and shows to everyone, absolutely freed from charge. This also includes video downloads for offline amusement and more great features.

1.  Can I watch IPL on Oreo TV?
IPL fans can rejoice at the thought of streaming their Live Matches. Oreo TV free IPL is one among the various broadcasts available for anyone to enjoy at no expense!

2. Is Oreo TV safe to use?
Of course, the appliance is safe and secure for users. confirm to see your app permissions and disable all permissions for the foremost Secure usage of Oreo TV.

3.  Can I watch real-time TV on OreoTV?
Yes, you can watch live TV via OreoTV.

4. do you run Oreo TV Apk on PC?
To run OreoTV on PC, you will have to resort to Android Emulators like Nox Player or Blue Stacks etc. without it you will not be able to play it on PC.

5. Can you play Oreo TV on Fire Stick or Fire TV?
Because Oreo-TV is a third-party app, you can run it by side-loading it into your Fire Stick.

6. Does OREO run PIP mode?
Yes, you can use PIP mode on Oreo TV. But for this, your phone should have Android version 8.0 or above.

7. Is Oreo TV safe to use?
Yes, Oreo-TV is running thousands of people and it has not caused any inconvenience to the people. This is because Oreo TV is 100% safe.

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1 friend hope you have many questions related to Oreo TV App like how to do OreoTV? (How to download OreoTV app), What is Oreo TV? How to turn on Oreo-TV ?, How to install OreoTV? Everyone’s answers must have been found correctly.

You should also give information about this post to your friends and this post on social media too. What is Oreo tv? – How to download Oreotv? Must share So that this information can reach more and more people.


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