Orbit Fab Refueling Station into Earth Orbit: First ‘Petrol Pump’ built in space will fill oil in satellites

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Orbit Fab Refueling Station into Earth Orbit: First ‘Petrol Pump’ built in space will fill oil in satellites

The Earth’s orbit in space, which has become home to more than 4 thousand satellites of the world, is now also equipped with ‘Petrol Pump’. Orbit Fab, a startup based in San Francisco, USA, launched a prototype of a refueling station in Earth orbit in June. This ‘Petrol Station’ is now working well. With this success, now outdated satellites are expected to get a new life.

That too when the number of satellites in low Earth orbit is expected to cross the 1 lakh mark by the end of this decade. Not only this, with the help of this, the way for astronauts to travel far and wide in space can now be opened. Orbit Fab, the company that made the petrol pump in space, has also received funding of 10 million dollars after this spectacular success.

Tenzing prototype of satellite fuel tanker
The idea of ​​a petrol pump in space is also important because the Earth’s orbit is now being filled with thousands of satellites and its waste. This increases the risk of collision between them. The Orbit Fab Company’s tanker Tenzing Tanker-001 is a prototype of an early satellite fuel tanker. It was launched on June 30 from Elon Musk’s rocket.

The prototype of the Tenzing tanker has been designed in such a way that satellites can be attached to it and it can change its path on its own. This microwave-sized machine is currently on a synchronous orbit around the Sun. Most of the satellites taking weather and pictures are present in this orbital path and are circling the earth. Orbit Fab CEO Daniel Faber said that we are building the world’s first operable satellite fuel depot.

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actually refueling the satellite
Faber said that no one is buying fuel in space because no one is selling it there. We have built a petrol pump. This prototype tanker is still in its initial stages and is yet to be actually refueled in the satellite. He said that we have sent the tanker to the Parikrama path so that we can show our commitment to refuel in different Parikrama.

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