Only 25 cities contribute more than half of global greenhouse emissions, the report found. National News

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Only 25 cities contribute more than half of global greenhouse emissions, the report found. National News

Only two dozen cities, out of a sample of more than 160 urban centers, contribute more than 50% of greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new report.

Report, published Monday in the journal Frontiers in Sustainable Cities, found that just 25 cities analyzed from a sample of 167 metropolitan areas in 53 countries accounted for 52% of greenhouse gas emissions.

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Those three cities, Moscow, Istanbul and Tokyo, are located in China, which includes major cities such as Shanghai and Beijing.

The report showed that cities located in wealthier countries had higher per capita emissions than those in developing countries. While total contributions to worldwide emissions are higher in China, a developing country, they are higher per capita in the United States.

The researchers found that energy use for residential, commercial and industrial electricity was responsible for up to 80% of emissions in Europe and North America. In about a third of the cities analyzed, more than 30% of emissions came from road travel. Travel by water, rail and air accounts for less than 15% of emissions.

The report noted that urbanization in developing cities has led to an increase in vehicular traffic, leading to large amounts of emissions from those sources.

Additionally, the researchers found that waste disposal is responsible for a small amount of greenhouse gas emissions, but noted that “technological advances in waste treatment and emissions capture and reuse are directed towards carbon-neutral waste disposal and recycling systems.” Further development is needed.”

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The researchers warned that to limit global warming this century, cities need to “transform from a resource-dependent industrialization path to an innovation-driven sustainable development path.”

Additionally, he advised that “policies should be designed to facilitate this change and to upgrade traditional industries, develop clean supply chains, and build low-carbon lifestyles.”

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