Oh wonderful! See ‘Corona virus’ grew on cucumber vine in the field

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Oh wonderful! See ‘Corona virus’ grew on cucumber vine in the field

The shape of a cucumber has grown in a village in Odisha. When a farmer shared this picture in Sarguda village of Navrangpur district of the state, people gathered to see it. This strange cucumber remains a topic of discussion in the surrounding areas. Surprisingly, this cucumber looks exactly like the visual representation of corona virus shared by scientists. All the spectators including the farmer are surprised by this miracle. No one can forget the devastation caused by the corona virus for the last two years. When the epidemic was early, scientists had issued a symbolic visual of the virus, which caused the destruction of Korna. It was like a round ball with spikes attached to it. Later this special structure was used not only to understand the virus but also to make people aware of the corona virus with a round ball picture. The picture of a policeman became very viral on social media, in which he was engaged in making people aware of avoiding the epidemic by wearing a helmet like a symbolic picture of Corona with this special shape. Now a cucumber of the same shape has also been found in Odisha, which is being considered by nature as a message to us to be alert about the virus. A farmer in Sarguda village of Nabarangpur, Odisha has claimed that such a cucumber has grown in his field which looks like a visual representation of Corona in appearance. The farmer told that it is a round cucumber, in which the shape of a spike is also made all around. This cucumber was found in the field of Chandra Pujari of Sarguda village. A villager told that he saw this cucumber when he had gone to Sarguda village for some work. I shared its photo on social media and it went viral. People were surprised and eager to see this strange looking cucumber with thorns like corona virus. Rishikant Sahu, an agriculture officer told that this is not a disease of cucumber. Either there was a problem with its seed or it happened because of unusual weather conditions.
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