Nusrat Jahan who is still loved by ex-husband Nikhil Jain, said- I am not bisexual

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Nusrat Jahan who is still loved by ex-husband Nikhil Jain, said- I am not bisexual

The actress of Bangla films and Trinamool Congress Lok Sabha MP has been in the news for a long time due to separation from her ex-husband, affair with the actor and giving birth to a son. Now, for the first time since Nusrat Jahan’s separation, Nikhil Jain has come out openly and talked openly about his relationship with Nusrat. Nikhil Jain, a businessman by profession, has said in an exclusive interview to our colleague Ei Samay Digital that he is currently in love with his ex-wife Nusrat Jahan. Nusrat had leveled many allegations against Nikhil Jain after his separation. One of the allegations was that Nikhil Jain is bisexual. However, in this interview, Nikhil has categorically denied the allegations of Nusrat being bisexual. Nusrat Jahan had a destination wedding with Nikhil Jain in June 2019 in Bordem, Turkey. However, within a year, there was a rift between the two. After this, Nusrat separated from Nikhil Jain and she refused to accept this marriage. Nusrat said that their marriage took place in Turkey and was not registered in India under the Special Marriage Act. Therefore, this marriage was not legally valid in India. After this, Nusrat Jahan started living in a live-in relationship with Yash Dasgupta, an actor of Bangla films. Nusrat Jahan has given birth to a son in the month of August. The father of this son is Yash Dasgupta and Nusrat has named the son J. Dasgupta.

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