Not only Aamir Khan’s social media, but also his mobile, he said bye bye to me, because …

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Not only Aamir Khan’s social media, but also his mobile, he said bye bye to me, because …

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Aamir Khan is always in the limelight through his films or his work for the Pani Foundation. Aamir had hit social media on the second day of his birthday. However, he stopped using his mobile phone for six weeks before hitting social media, he told me. Regarding stopping using mobile, Aamir said, "Right now you are very used to mobile. But in the past, we never used mobile phones. I felt that I was addicted to mobile phones. I’m constantly on the phone, playing online chess or other online games, watching online news, replying to friends’ messages, or being active in 10-12 family groups. All of this made me feel very distracted all day, so I stopped using my mobile". & nbsp;

Aamir likes to interact with people. Also, many of his activities have been done by bringing people together. Aamir says, ‘I like to interact with a maximum of three people. I like going to the village and meeting people in person. I also like to come on TV. But I don’t like to do anything online. It’s not even fun ‘.

Aamir and social media …

Aamir feels that social media is not a medium for him. Many are making good use of social media. Nowadays, social media has become a great platform. But Aamir prefers to stay away from it. & Nbsp;

What was the moment when Aamir decided to shut down social media …

Aamir says, "One day I realized that I was very active on social media. I enjoy movies, social work and the phone so I don’t pay much attention to my kids. So I turned off my mobile phone thinking that I should pay attention to the children. If I want to contact someone, I have a manager, a spot boy, a security guard. They have a phone. Only I do not use". & nbsp;

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