nitish kumar news: Bihar Congress ke MLA kab JDU Mein Shamil Honge

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nitish kumar news: Bihar Congress ke MLA kab JDU Mein Shamil Honge


  • The number of JDU MLAs will increase by the last week of December
  • JDU’s ‘Mission Nitish’ campaign not only in Bihar but across the country
  • Claim- Soon 13 MLAs of Bihar Congress will join JDU

In the meeting of the National Council, Chief Minister and former party president Nitish Kumar had said that all the leaders of the party should take a pledge to make the party a national party. After this statement of Nitish Kumar, JDU had also approved the proposal to field its candidates in the Uttar Pradesh and Manipur assembly elections for the elections to be held in five states in 2022. Under this expansionist policy of JDU, 13 MLAs of Bihar Congress may soon be seen standing with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

The number of JDU MLA will increase by the last week of December!

JDU sources say that due to the weakening Congress and the deteriorating image under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, Congress leaders across the country are now looking for a new place. JDU leader claims that soon 13 MLAs of Bihar Congress will join JDU. He also informed that 12 MLAs are sitting ready to join JDU today. He told that for two-third of the MLAs, one more MLA is needed. A JDU source said that talks have also taken place with the 13th MLA. Probably by the last week of December, 13 Congress MLAs will join JDU.

Only two-thirds of the MLAs are in any other party. can be involve

Defection situation occurs when the MPs or MLAs of any party leave the party of their own free will or defy the party whip. In such a situation, the anti-defection law is applied by terminating their membership. But if two-thirds of the MPs or MLAs of a party leave the party together, then this law will not apply to them. Though they cannot form their own party but they can join any other party. Explain that earlier this number was one-third under the anti-defection law.

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‘Mission Nitish’ at the national level
The ruling JDU in Bihar is now running ‘Mission Nitish’ campaign not only in Bihar but in the entire country. Nitish Kumar now became a national leader. For this, JDU has now announced ‘Mission Nitish’ by planning to expand the organization in other states. The party’s parliamentary party leader and former Union Minister Upendra Kushwaha has also said that ‘Mission Nitish’ will be run in the entire country. Under this, the leadership of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and the development model of Bihar will be publicized at the national level in the country.

The JDU, which leads the ruling NDA in Bihar, enjoys the status of a state-level political party in Bihar and Arunachal Pradesh. JDU is present as the seventh largest party in the Lok Sabha with victory in 16 seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Let us tell you that Janata Dal United was formed in 1999 by merging the Sharad Yadav faction of Janata Dal, Lokshakti Party and Samta Party.

After Kirti Jha Azad of Bihar, Meghalaya Congress has 12 MLAs in TMC
In Meghalaya, 12 out of 17 MLAs of the opposition Congress joined Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress led by former Chief Minister Mukul Sangma. The question is whether the statement given on Hindu and Hindutva is overshadowing the Congress. Because in recent times, the image of Congress has become one of appeasement politics after anti-Hindu statements by many leaders including Congress leaders Salman Khurshid, Rashid Alvi and Shashi Tharoor. Instead of stopping these leaders from making anti-Hindu statements, Congress’s Yuvraj himself has also supported the statement of these leaders.

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In such a situation, it is being speculated that after the anti-Hindu statement, the image of Congress has started deteriorating and big Congress leaders are now looking for a new place. Experts believe that Bhagwat Jha Azad’s son Kirti Jha Azad leaving Congress and 12 out of 17 MLAs of opposition Congress in Meghalaya joining TMC shows that many Congress leaders may also change their political address in the coming time. .

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