Nitin Gadkari: Nitin Gadkari Speech Video: Nitin Gadkari Explains Why No Politician Even Chief Minister Is Not Happy

Nitin Gadkari: Nitin Gadkari Speech Video: Nitin Gadkari Explains Why No Politician Even Chief Minister Is Not Happy


  • Video of Gadkari going viral after BJP suddenly became the CM of Gujarat
  • Smiling, tickling Gadkari’s message, try to be happy with what you got
  • Said- Problems are in every party, from MLA to Chief Minister everyone is unhappy

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Union Minister Nitin Gadkari is known for his outspoken opinion. He smiles and tells his story. This is the reason why he is liked not only in the party but also in the opposition. At a time when not only Gujarat, but the BJP has suddenly changed chief ministers in several states in recent months, a video of Gadkari is gaining a lot of buzz. Yes, the forum was of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly and the topic ‘Parliamentary System and People’s Expectations’ was being discussed. It was Gadkari’s turn, he stood up and while tickling the words of noted satirist Sharad Joshi, the politicians were taught a lesson of politics, uncertainty and skill, which is a big message for politicians.

This message can bring comfort to every leader or person who is angry or dissatisfied with their position. Gadkari gave this message to the leaders of all parties, not only BJP, that whoever gets the position, work or position in politics, he should try to be happy in it. You will clearly understand the meaning of his words in his words and style. Let’s know.

Read what Gadkari finally said
Former BJP president narrated the anecdote of cricket. He once told Sachin Tendulkar that come, stand by me. I saw that Sachin was only shoulder to shoulder with me. I said that you hit so many sixes but there is no power in your hand. Sachin said, Nitin ji cricket is a game of skill. I have also seen Sunil Gavaskar that his height is less than Joshiji. (His gesture was towards CP Joshi, the Speaker of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly sitting nearby). Gadkari further said that the 6-6 foot bowlers of Australia and West Indies who used to run from a distance and Sunil used to hit sixes. When I asked him also, he said that Nitin, this game is of skill… Gadkari further said that politics is also a skill. At this all the leaders laughed while thumping their tables.

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Gadkari laughed and said that problems are in front of everyone. There is a problem in the party, there is a problem outside the party. There is a problem in the constituency, there is a problem in the family, there is a problem in each and every aspect… Take someone forward, he says remove it, give him a ticket. Who doesn’t face the problem?

next story of politics
Once someone asked who among you is happy. No one raised his hand because those who were MLAs were sad because they could not become ministers. (Everyone started laughing at this) I am not asking for you (Laughter once again swirled in the assembly)

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Taking the anecdote further, Gadkari said that the minister was sad because he did not get a good portfolio. Those who got a good portfolio were sad because they could not become the Chief Minister. And those who could become the Chief Minister were in tension because there was no confidence when they would leave. On hearing this, people laughed once again thumping the table.

Then mention of Sharad Joshi
Gadkari said that Sharad Joshi has become a famous writer of Bhopal. He wrote a beautiful poem.
Those who were not of use in the state were sent to Delhi.
Those who were not of use in Delhi were made governors
Those who could not become governors were made ambassadors

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… Laughters began to reverberate in the assembly.
Smiling, Gadkari said that this happens in all parties. Referring to his tenure as BJP President, he said that when I was the President of BJP, I did not find any person who is not sad. Everyone started laughing at this. I said that there is suffering and solution is accepted. I am very happy

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I keep working on my own terms. Sometimes I work as a chef myself, sometimes I do social work. I was once asked by a journalist that you are very happy, you do not have any sorrow or pain. I told him that he who worries about the future is sad. I have to express my happiness over what I have got, because of my status and status… (Applause went on for about 10 seconds). He further said that whoever you are, be happy on that and keep playing like ODIs.

Gadkari said that I have to tell you that there is a lot of struggle in life. There are tensions, limitations, controversies in politics, but defeating all these problems and becoming a successful leader is your test.


Union Minister Nitin Gadkari.

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