Newsom scored a decisive victory over the Republican recall effort. Election

Newsom scored a decisive victory over the Republican recall effort. Election

California Governor Gavin Newsom overcame a Republican-led recall effort Tuesday evening in a decisive victory in an election that was a real stress test of running a Trump conservative for major office – in a dark blue state.

Overall, 64% of Californians voted to retain Newsom and 36% voted in his place with 70% of ballots counting—results roughly the same as the percentage of Golden State voters who voted on former President Donald Trump. Supported President Joe Biden. 2020 presidential election.

The front-running Republican who would likely replace Newsom if he were recalled was Larry Elder, a conservative talk show host and outspoken supporter of the former president, as well as a proponent of the so-called “big lie” — Trump’s 2020 presidential election. Lost because it was rigged. There is no evidence to support that claim.

On Monday evening, President Joe Biden campaigned for Newsom and issued this warning: “Either you keep Gavin Newsom your governor or you will get Donald Trump.”

His comments underscored what is set to become a major thing for Democrats by the 2022 midterm elections, especially given the victory over Newsom’s return attempt – that going forward, the election is only about raising the Democratic nominee. Not about, but about destroying Trump’s brand. conservatism.

The California Republican launched a recall effort in February 2020, gradually building on criticisms of his leadership over its handling of immigration issues, homelessness, an increase in homicides and various COVID-19 restrictions, including mandatory masks and vaccines. and closing schools.

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Ultimately, however, Californians voted overwhelmingly to retain Newsom. And in doing so, he not only rejected a Trump conservative as his replacement, but provided the first solid evidence that voters may not be eager to replace governors and other state leaders who have pushed for broader COVID-19 protections. Implemented policies – a key Republican strategy headline in the mid-2022.

California has one of the highest vaccination rates in the country and currently one of the lowest rates of the virus, which has become a staple for Newsom in the final weeks of the Republican recall effort.

“We said yes to science. We said yes to vaccines. We said yes to ending this pandemic,” Newsom told reporters Wednesday morning. “We said yes to people’s right to vote without fear of counterfeit fraud and voter suppression. We said yes to women’s fundamental constitutional right to do what she does with her body, her faith, her future. We called for diversity Said yes to.”

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