New Trekking Routes Opened For Tourists Govt Gives Big Push To Eco Tourism In Jammu Kashmir

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New Trekking Routes Opened For Tourists Govt Gives Big Push To Eco Tourism In Jammu Kashmir

Srinagar: Relatively few who do not go for tourism. Direct for some such tourist-crazy congregations Jammu and KashmirVery important information has come to light. If you are planning to visit this area in the near future, this information can definitely be of benefit to you. This is because the government has allowed 7 new trekking routes to promote eco-tourism.

These shares coming under the jurisdiction of the forest department are already a matter of curiosity for many. The government has decided to take some important steps for the development of forest department and infrastructure here GovernmentHas taken. It will have a rest house and some other facilities for wildlife lovers.

Due to this facility and due to the decision of the government, tourists will be able to book 29 forest rest houses. In addition, inspection huts can also be booked. The facility will be open to all from May 1, 2021.

New portions open to trekking

The trekking routes open to the general public include forests like Bahu, Sudhamahadev, Thein, Tral, Dachigam, Overa Aru, Thajwas, Khrew, Khonmo.
The department will launch an online portal for tourist services. Tourists will be able to enjoy this facility on a first come first served basis. The next phase of this service will start from July 1. This will give tourists a chance to get closer to nature.

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The rest house, which was limited to the use of forest officials till now, can now be used by trekkers. It also estimates the various levels of trekking. This step has been taken in Jammu and Kashmir for wildlife lovers and scholars, as well as young tourists who are curious about nature. Therefore, the tourism business of this region and, of course, the living standards will be greatly benefited.

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