new city in american desert: city of dreams of 50 million people going to settle in american desert

new city in american desert: city of dreams of 50 million people going to settle in american desert


  • Billionaire businessman Mark Lowrey dreaming of setting up a city in the American desert
  • The new city will have every facility of the world, 50 lakh residents will be able to live in 150,000 acres
  • At present, the businessman needs space for the city and $ 400 billion in funds.

How would the city of your dreams be? A city with cleanliness like Tokyo, luxurious life like New York and social amenities like Stockholm. Billionaire businessman Marc Lore is going to make this dream come true. He has formulated the vision of ‘One City in America’ with a population of 5 million people and the responsibility of designing it was given to the world’s most famous architect.

Eco-friendly ‘City of Dreams’
Now they need land and $400 billion in funds to settle it. A former Walmart executive revealed last week his plans for a sustainable city Telosa, which he hopes to settle in a desert in the US. The 150,000-acre project will have basic amenities like eco-friendly architecture, energy generation and drought-free water system.

Search continues for new city
It is being said that under the ’15-minute city design’, residents will be able to reach office, school and other places from their home in just 15 minutes. Project planners are looking for a place where they can settle this city. According to the project’s website, potential targets include areas such as Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Texas and the Appalachians. Lore has chosen the architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) to design this city.

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both residential buildings and greenery
The company has shown the map of the city through a digital presentation. In this, some residents present in residential buildings, greenery and open spaces are depicted in a virtual way. There will be a ban on vehicles running on fossil fuels in the city. The presentation shows scooters and pedestrians walking on the road in the sunlight.

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