Nepal China News: Sher Bahadur Deuba China, Nepal Territory Encroached By China In Humla, Committee report on Border Dispute

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Nepal China News: Sher Bahadur Deuba China, Nepal Territory Encroached By China In Humla, Committee report on Border Dispute

China, which is entangled in Ladakh with India, is also rapidly capturing the land of Nepal. Recently, the Nepal Home Ministry committee has said in its report that they have come to know about many issues on the Nepal-China border. Following growing opposition to Chinese occupation in Nepal, a panel was set up by Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba to conduct on-field studies. Now this panel has submitted its report to Nepal’s Home Minister Bal Krishna Khand last week.

China has infiltrated into Humla area
It has been told in this report that China has infiltrated into Humla area of ​​Nepal. The Kathmandu Post reported that Jai Narayan Acharya, the joint secretary involved in this committee, has identified the problems from pillar number 4 to 13. In the report, experts have emphasized the importance of including border issues in Nepal’s state policy and their lasting solutions.

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Nepalese border sovereignty was wired
Experts said that such sensitive and bilateral issues related to the border need to be addressed through a permanent mechanism, but it has been found that no such initiative has been taken. It is claimed that according to the 1963 Boundary Protocol, the area between Pillar No. 5(2) to Kit Khola Location is technically marked as the border between Nepal and China.

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China was building a pucca canal in Nepalese territory
This means that this area comes under Nepal according to the rules, but China has illegally claimed this area. Experts said that it was found that the Chinese side had put up wire and fence in Nepalese territory. The Chinese side was also trying to build a permanent canal 145 meters inside Nepalese territory. After that he also wanted to build a road.

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China was withdrawn after the opposition of the Nepalese army
He told that Nepal’s Armed Police Force had to intervene and protest regarding the construction of this canal. After which the Chinese side destroyed the structures but the debris was still visible. It has been claimed in the report that the Chinese side has also cordoned off pillar number 6 (1). This area technically belongs to Nepal. Similarly, China has tried to register its presence in the areas between pillar number 6(1) to 6(2).

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Pillar number 7 (2) is missing
Pillar number 7 (2) on the Nepal-China number is missing. This pillar has not been found despite the Nepalese authorities conducting a search operation. China has also violated border protocol by erecting a fence near pillar number 10, located near Nepal-China common pillar number 9 (2). China has also been accused of preventing Nepalese citizens from grazing their cattle in Nepalese territory.

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