Need for improvement in the indicators set under the aspirational district program undp report

Need for improvement in the indicators set under the aspirational district program undp report

New Delhi, Jun 11 (Language) According to a report by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), there is a need to reduce the focus on competitive thinking along with re-fixing of indicators under the Aspirational District Program (ADP) so that better results for the districts. can be obtained. These suggestions have been made in the UNDP report released on Friday.

These suggestions are part of the Aspirational District Program’s assessment report released on Friday.

The government started the Aspirational District Program in January 2018. The objective of this program is to improve the key development parameters in 112 aspirational districts of 28 backward states.

The UNDP in its report said, “The need for revision of the indicators set for the program was emphasized in discussions with several stakeholders. At the same time, there is a need for less attention to the competitive approach. Because it is likely to give wrong information by the districts. In addition, there is a need for more training and learning programmes.

UNDP said, “One of the disadvantages of ADP is that there are disparities between districts. Which does not reflect fair competition and comparison. To address these issues, districts can be grouped together on the basis of their common characteristics and supported accordingly.

The report found that the districts lacked human resources and technical capabilities at the district and block levels. It said that the districts have received support from the officer-in-charge and NITI Aayog, yet there is a need for capacity building at the ground level. For this an aspiring district colleague or program representative can be posted in the district.

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UNDP, however, said in the report that ADP has helped in accelerating the pace of development in aspirational districts. Some major changes have been seen in sectors such as health care and nutrition, education and to a lesser extent agriculture and water resources.

UNDP has said that this is encouraging as these are very important areas to measure development. Accordingly, improvement in indicators has also been achieved in the areas of basic infrastructure facilities, financial inclusion and skill development.

UNDP stated that despite the support of the offices in charge and NITI Aayog, there is a need for capacity building at the grassroots level.

According to the UNDP, of the three trends, competition, alliance and inclusion, most of the parties that have been negotiated consider integration of various functions into one place as the most important step, which has improved the performance of districts.

While praising the top leadership in the report, it has been said that the biggest thing behind the success of this program, which has contributed a lot, is the commitment of the top political leadership to make rapid progress in the underdeveloped areas of the country. In this, regular monitoring of the program at the level of the Prime Minister has also been important.

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