National Game of India 2023 Did you know that there is no National Game in India, Full Info About National Sport of India

national game of india
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National Game of India 2023

National Game of India 2023 Did you know that there is no National Game in India, Full Info About National Sport of India

Whenever the name of the national game of India comes up, the first name that comes to mind of most people is cricket. But let us tell you that cricket is not the national game of India.

It is the national game of England and Australia. In such a situation, you would think that if cricket was not the national game of India, then hockey would definitely be the national game of India. If you think so then you’re absolutely wrong. Hockey is not even the national sport of India.

In fact, we think that in a country where sports are more popular, the people of that country are starting to consider it as their national sport. For example, cricket is so popular in India that other sports do not have spectators. In such a situation, today we will tell you in our article which is the national game of India, before that you should know how a game becomes a national game.

Indian National Game: What is it?

The Indian hockey team is the most successful team in the history of the Olympics, winning eight gold, one silver and three bronze medals. The Golden Years from 1928 to 19556 won them six consecutive gold medals.

India has also produced some of the best field hockey players in the world, including legend Dhyan Chand, Balbir Singh Sr. and Dhanraj Pillai.

However, contrary to popular belief, hockey is not the national sport of India.

The next best answer, Kabaddi, is wrong. However, like hockey, the Indian kabaddi team also reigns supreme on the world stage, winning all the World Cup events so far and winning a total of seven gold medals at the Asian Games.

And those who are currently with popular cricket have also made mistakes.

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In fact, India does not have a national game.

Why there is no national game in India?

In 2020, a school teacher in Dhule district of Maharashtra state filed a Right to Information (RTI) question with the government, asking when hockey was declared India’s national sport.

The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports replied, “The government has not declared any sport / sport as the national sport of the country, as the purpose of the government is to encourage / promote all popular sports disciplines.”

However, after India’s stellar performance at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, calls for hockey to be declared a national sport are on the rise.

The men’s team won the bronze medal (first hockey medal in 1 year), while the women’s team came within a distance of one medal and lost in third place.

Even a lawyer filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL), urging the Supreme Court to issue directions to the Indian government to make hockey a national sport and restore it to its former glory.

However, the apex court dismissed the application. And until the government officially decides the title of hockey or any other sport, India does not have a national game.

How did a game become a national game?

Let us tell you that the decision to make a game a national game is made by the government itself. However, before declaring a game as a national game, the government looks at the history of that game and also sees how proud the game has brought the name of the country.

For example, the way England is considered the birthplace of cricket and the government declares it its national sport.

At the same time, the national game of Australia, which has won the Cricket World Cup 4 times, is also cricket. But it is not necessary that the national game of every country is the same, somewhere the national game of one country is football and some other baseball.

In such a case it can be said that becoming a national game of a game depends on the choice of the people of that country and the aspirations of the government there.

national game of india

National Game of India

Which is the national game of India?

Now let’s see which is the national game of India. Most people have heard and read on TV and the news that hockey is the national sport of India. But let me inform you that no national game of India has been declared by the government so far. The Indian government is improving every game.

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In fact, in 2012, many people tried to find out under RTI that when hockey was declared as India’s national sport, but the government had no information about it, the Indian government later clarified that there was no national sport in India. .

The Sports Ministry replied that so far no sport has been declared a national sport by the Indian government. He said the reason behind it was to promote all sports.

India and hockey

You must have read many of his books and websites that hockey is the national sport of India. In fact, there is a golden history of hockey in India behind this belief. In fact, the Indian hockey team, which participated in the international competition for the first time in 1928, won six consecutive Olympic gold medals from 1928 to 1956.

This period is called the golden age of Indian hockey. It was during this time that India got a great player like Major Dhyan Chand. Whose name is written in gold letters in the history of hockey. Even today, the Indian team has its own dominance in hockey.

When and where did India win gold medals.

Amsterdam – 1928
Los Angeles – 1932
Berlin – 1936
Helsinki – 1948
Melbourne – 1952
Melbourne – 1956
Tokyo – 1964
Moscow – 1980

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India and cricket

Just as baseball is very popular in America, so is the cricket craze in India. While millions of people around the world are obsessed with cricket, people in India are passionate about cricket.

Under such circumstances, most people consider cricket as the national sport of India. The reason behind this is the popularity of cricket in India as well as the British rule.

In fact, India was ruled by the British who came from England for many years and the national game of England was cricket, so many were hesitant about this.

However, behind considering cricket as India’s national sport, India’s achievements in this sport are also considered. The Indian team, which has won the Cricket World Cup twice and the T20 World Cup once, is one of the best teams in today’s game.

I hope you know which is the national game of India.

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