National Film Awards 2021 Bardo Anandi Gopal Marathi movies win best in regional categories

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National Film Awards 2021 Bardo Anandi Gopal Marathi movies win best in regional categories

Marathi has also left its mark in the recently announced 2019 National Awards. Bardo, Anandi Gopal, Radius, Picasso, Khisa should be mentioned in this. Apart from this, Vivek Wagh’s painting Jakkal has also been glorified.

Bardo won the National Award for Best Marathi Film. Speaking to ABP ABM, the director of the film Bhimrao Mude said, “This award is really going to give strength. The story of this film is mine and the screenplay is by me and Shweta Pendse. The film was made two years ago. It has to be displayed. But the awards seemed to start with national awards. Just like now. It is gratifying to receive this award. We will also release this film in the near future. ‘ The film stars Anjali Patil, Makrand Deshpande and Ashok Samarth in the lead roles. Singer Sawani Ravindra has also won the National Award for Best Playback Singer for the film Ran Petalam.

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Apart from this, Anandi Gopal has also been adjudged as the best film on social issues. Anandi Gopal was a film about Anandibai’s life. The film was well received by the people. The film Tajmal has been honored with the Nargis Dutt Award. Abhijeet Warang’s film Picasso has received special attention in the national awards. The film stars Prasad Oak in the lead role. The film revolves around the life of a folk artist working in the folk drama Dashavatar. Special attention has also been paid to Lata Kare who acted in the painting Lata Bhagwan Kare.

For example, director Akshay Indikar, who has produced films like Nemade and Sthalpuran, has also been awarded the National Award for Sound Design. The award has been announced to Mandar Kamalapurkar, a sound designer for radius.

It is noteworthy that the chairman of the committee for this year’s National Awards was N Chandra. Apart from this, Kangana Ranaut and Manoj Vajpayee have also been declared National Awards for Best Actor. Kokani movie Kajro .. has been declared the golden lotus of the best movie. With this award, Konkani film industry does not mind getting strength.

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