NASA Instagram Image: Two galaxies colliding into each other, NASA shares image of ‘Sangam’

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NASA Instagram Image: Two galaxies colliding into each other, NASA shares image of ‘Sangam’

There are many such incidents in the universe which look nothing less than a beautiful art. Something similar happens when two galaxies merge into each other. American Space Agency NASA and European Space Agency ESA’s Hubble Space Telescope have shared such a picture on Instagram, in which two galaxies are seen entangled in each other. These two are related to each other in such a way that they have been given a name – Arp 91. This sight is 100 million light years away from Earth.

entangled in each other
Of these two, the brighter galaxy seen below is NGC 5953 and the oval galaxy at the top right is NGC 5954. Both of them are spirals but due to the angle from the earth, their shape looks different. Arp 91 is considered the best example of interaction between two galaxies. NGC 5953 is associated with NGC 5954. Looking at it, it seems as if a spiral arm is going down.

Galaxies collide
The force of gravity between the two is so high that such an interaction is visible. This is an important connection between galaxies and is quite common. Most astronomers think that spiral galaxies form elliptical galaxies when they collide with each other. These huge collisions happen over millions of years. Therefore, it is hardly possible that the collision of these galaxies will be visible to anyone soon.

galaxies will collide
The Andromeda Galaxy, the closest neighbor of our Milky Way galaxy, is also moving rapidly towards us. With Andromeda moving closer to the Milky Way, it was also found that when the two collided, a larger star cluster would be formed which would be called Milkomeda. According to the European Space Agency (ESA), the two galaxies will merge into each other in two billion years, and our Earth, the Sun and the entire Solar System will find a new home.

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