Nancy Mays calls herself the ‘new voice’ for the GOP, then she pivots.

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Nancy Mays calls herself the ‘new voice’ for the GOP, then she pivots.

Mr. Sherman, a former Korean War soldier, nodded. “It was a shame to have it happen,” he said of the January 6 attack, adding that he used to be “very upset” by some of Trump’s comments.

But the former president had been dominant, he said. Citing a low unemployment rate and a strong economy, Mr. Sherman said, “I’ve never seen anyone do so much in my entire life.” “The bottom line was, did he get the job done?”

Mount Pleasant resident Penny Ford, who attended the event with her husband, Jim Ford, gave a more serious assessment, explaining that she had won over Ms. Mays’ comments about the former president. Still, she said, the Congresswoman is “the best we have at the moment.”

Ms Ford said she would love to be represented by someone like Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio – a staunch Trump loyalist who helped challenge Mr Biden’s election to the House – or Senator Ted Cruz of Texas – who made efforts to invalidate led it in the Senate – and said they would consider voting against Ms. Mace next year “if I had a choice for someone else.”

The first woman to graduate from the Citadel, Ms. Mays based her up-to-the-bootstraps biography on her winning campaign of 2020, detailing her journey from scrappy waffle house waitress to Statehouse representative. He bested Mr Cunningham, the first Democrat to hold the seat in nearly four decades, by just over one percent.

On the campaign trail, Ms. Mays walked a careful line, balancing her liberal streak with a more pragmatic approach, playing up her own party’s history of “speaking out against members” and “reaching across the aisle”.

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And in the days following the January 6 attack, she was nonchalant in her language. Ms Mays said what was needed was nothing short of a party-wide rebuilding. It was time for Republicans to be honest with their voters, she said: “I’m going to tell the truth, regardless of the political consequences.”

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