Naked Woman Reaches Airport And Talked To Travelers Police Covered Her With Blanket

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Naked Woman Reaches Airport And Talked To Travelers Police Covered Her With Blanket

A female passenger was seen walking unclothed among the crowd at Denver International Airport in the US. Earlier, the police saw this woman, she was seen talking to fellow passengers. In the crowd present at the airport, the woman was asking people, ‘How are you?’, ‘Where are you from?’ Then the policemen reached there and started trying to cover the woman with a blanket.

The woman was laughing while being covered with a blanket and the policemen were trying to cover her. This incident happened last month. In a video, he was seen taking a walk at the terminal near Gate A-37 at 5 am on September 19. According to a report in KCNC-TV, the airport police said that they had received information about a naked woman who was intoxicated.
Video: Woman reached airport in bikini and mask, people said – flight straight after pool party
Woman sent to hospital
Police said that it appeared that the woman was not in good health, after which she was sent to the hospital. In the report, the police said that as soon as they came to know about the naked woman intoxicated, the police reacted immediately and roamed the crowd looking for the woman. The woman was admitted to the University Hospital due to unknown medical reasons. More details about the incident have not been revealed.

Woman reached airport wearing bikini
Earlier, everyone was surprised to see a strange scene at the Miami airport. Everyone was shocked to see a woman wearing a bikini and a face mask came to the airport premises. The woman’s Instagram video was shared by a page named ‘Humans of Spirit Airlines’ and the caption of the video read, ‘When you have a pool party in the afternoon and you have a flight at 4 pm’.

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