Munmun Dhamecha lawyer ali kaashif khan deshmukh: Mumbai Cruise Drug Case: Munmun Dhamecha was also caught with Aryan Khan at a drugs party on a cruise in Mumbai.

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Munmun Dhamecha lawyer ali kaashif khan deshmukh: Mumbai Cruise Drug Case: Munmun Dhamecha was also caught with Aryan Khan at a drugs party on a cruise in Mumbai.

The bail plea of ​​Aryan Khan, Arbaaz Merchant and Munmun Dhamecha in the Bombay High Court remained incomplete on Wednesday. On Thursday, ASG Anil Singh will now oppose bail on behalf of the NCB. Ali Kaashif Khan Deshmukh, counsel for Munmun Dhamecha, also cross-examined him in the court of Justice Nitin Sambrae on Wednesday. He directly targeted the NCB, declaring Munmun’s arrest illegal. Khan said that Munmun had gone there on Invite. There were two other people named Soumya Singh and Baldev in the room from which he was taken into custody. I also got a paper roll from Soumya. But the NCB just detained Munmun. While neither drugs have been found from them nor did they have taken drugs.

‘… so all 1300 people should have been detained’
Amit Desai, the first advocate in the court, lobbied for the bail of Arbaaz Merchant. He was followed by Munmun Dhamecha’s lawyer Ali Kashif Khan Deshmukh. Khan said that if the NCB had detained people there only on suspicion, then all the 1300 people who were aboard the cruise should have been detained. And if it is according to the seizure, which I do not believe, because Munmun has not had any seizure, then why were Soumya and Baldev present in the room released?

‘There was a raid as soon as Munmun reached there’
“Munmun is a model by profession,” Khan said while initiating cross-examination in court. He was invited on a cruise. As soon as she went inside, she was stopped within 2-3 minutes. Interestingly, there were two people in the room. Must see in Panchna. I am relying on their case. In the present case, Saumya Singh and Baldev are in the room. But he was not arrested. Nothing was found during the search, but then rolling paper was recovered from Saumya Singh. So there is nothing against me, their case is against Soumya. A personal search was conducted, nothing was found against Munmun. Copy pasted from another case against me. In my case if they arrest people as suspects, all 1,300 people should have been arrested. ‘

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The court asked- Is Soumya Singh your partner?
Khan further said, ‘Munmun is not from Madhya Pradesh. Moonmoon has no contact with anyone. Moonmoon was invited. He has not arrested anyone through Munmun. On this the court asked- Is Saumya Singh your partner? Got something from his bag .. He is not accused? On this Khan said- I don’t even know them.

NCB records WhatsApp chats
Deshmukh then put forward the orders of the lower court. He said that the order of the sessions court is 90% silent in the case of Munmun. He says, ‘All these allegations are against other accused. Munmun is not involved in the current case. Nothing was found from them. Even if they do a medical test, they will not find anything against Munmun. He never took drugs. There is a shortcoming in Section 29 that this court needs to address. Section 29 does not deal with small, medium or large quantities. In one case he has cleverly involved petty people and because of this the magistrate court could not intervene. I am relying on the decision of the Kerala High Court, where a small amount of bail was granted. I am saying that Munmun has nothing to do with anyone. But the NCB is saying in response that she is associated with Ishmit Singh. I would request NCB to record the WhatsApp chat. ‘

Moonmoon Dhamecha

Moonmoon Dhamecha

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