Mulgi Zali Ho fame actor Vilas Patil aka Kiran Mane share his journey of struggle

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Mulgi Zali Ho fame actor Vilas Patil aka Kiran Mane share his journey of struggle

Mumbai: The series ‘Mulgi Jhali Ho’ on Star Pravah is getting a huge response from the audience. Every character in this series is making a home in the minds of the audience. The series has been renamed as Mau’s Sajiri. Her father has accepted her as his daughter. So there is an atmosphere of joy in the series right now. Now Sajiri has started a small shop called Vilas Automobiles to fulfill his father’s dream. Sajiri has literally celebrated his father’s life. This very emotional incident in the series ‘Mulgi Jhali Ho’ is similar to the real life of Kiran Mane who plays the role of Vilas Patil. While shooting this emotional episode, an album of old days unfolded in front of Kiran Mane. He shared his feelings on social media.

Talking about the days of struggle, Kiran Mane said, “Brothers, it was a scary day … I left the ‘sound’ of drama-acting and secretly came to Satar and started throwing ‘Kiran Automotive’ shop on the highway. About seventeen or eighteen years ago … Let your friends know .. Once again for new friends. Reason B as well as Hi. Sitting in my engine oil shop on the highway in Satara … Leaving drama against acting – I literally get into the business of ‘engine oil’ … Unfortunately, the shop started running heavily and I got stuck too much .. ‘Paisa ka passion’ ?? Everyone in the house was happy, as the head of the child was stabbed in one place. So one day, while taking out the ledger in the shop, suddenly a page of the previous day’s paper, which had been taken out for trash, fell on my feet … It was a page with small advertisements. I put it back on. While doing something again, most of the fans’ words caused the page to fall down again. Now that the latch is in disarray, I put the page on the table. Letters like ‘Satyadeva Dubey’ appeared … Aggagayayaya .. Eyes shone .. Curiosity was aroused! Pt. Satyadeva Dubey’s ‘Acting Workshop’ was organized by Alivati. It was a short advertisement of three or four lines. Kahur majalam in my mind … What are you doing for tea? What to do next by running this shop ?? If there is no ‘drama’ in life – if there is no ‘acting’ then what is the meaning of living ??? Such thoughts shook my head. Meanwhile, the shopkeeper of the neighborhood – the mechanic’s call was heard “O Kiransheth, let’s eat this” … a thorn came on my body! Why should I have this interest for the rest of my life? Kiran Sheth? Hat .. no weirdness! I got up without eating like that, called Kulkarni with the message of ‘coordination’..and locked the shop! (That lock has not been opened since then, till today!) The girl was born. Cans of engine oils are seen. It smelled like oil-grease and these old memories from eighteen years ago filled my mind … I was hiding my watery eyes .. There was one of the artists present who had seen my shop and that journey up close. He is Santosh Patil who plays the role of Ashok. He plucked my watery eyes and hugged the memorable ‘Kiransheth’ tightly. ‘

… ‘Kiran Automotive’ to ‘Luxury Automobiles’ .. Abandoned journey of fierce struggle! … ‘Mulgi Jhali Ho’ on ‘Star Pravah’ tomorrow …

Posted by Kiran Mane on Thursday, 15 April 2021

Kiran Mane’s journey of struggle is certainly inspiring. The role of the father he is playing in the series ‘Mulgi Jhali Ho’ is getting special likes from the audience. Many emotional events in the father-son relationship will be seen in the next part of the series as well.

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