mucormycosis cases in india: know all about post covid mucormycosis infection: side effects of steroid causing mucormycosis in india:

mucormycosis cases in india: know all about post covid mucormycosis infection: side effects of steroid causing mucormycosis in india:

Cases of mucoramycosis are increasing day by day in Delhi and in the country. Only 23 cases have been reported in AIIMS. 10 patients have also been treated at Apollo. Many patients of mucoramycosis have also come to Gangaram Hospital. The disease is so severe that if left untreated in time, it throws up the nose and jaw bone. The eyesight goes away. However, if you get timely treatment, you can get out of it to a great extent. Patients who are diabetic with Kovid, whose immune system is weak, have a higher risk of infection.

5 out of 10 patients underwent surgery


Apollo Hospital’s ENT surgeon doctor Amit Kishore said that in the last one week he has treated 10 patients. Out of this, 5 surgeries were performed. He said that 4 out of 5 sinus surgeries were performed and one patient underwent sinus and eye surgery. Till one eye had to be removed. He said that this infection causes tissue damage, blackening. In such a situation, the treatment is not effective. That tissue has to be removed. Bone and flesh start melting as the tissue rot. After stopping the blood supply, it stops the blood supply, the tissue there begins to deteriorate, in such a situation, surgery comes about. (Photo: Dr. Amit Kishore)

This is a kind of fungal infection

Mucoramycosis is a type of fungal infection. This is a chronic disease. Its cases have been seen before. AIIMS neuro surgeon doctor Deepak Gupta said that the disease affects the nose, eye and brain the most. It reaches the body through the nose. First of all, it affects the nasal sinuses. After this, the patient gets sinusitis, then the infection reaches the eye. Damages the retina in the eye, causing loss of light in the eye. Then it reaches the brain. After reaching the brain, the patient starts having seizures. The risk of death increases significantly in such patients.

It is wrong to call mucorumcosis as black fungus

AIIMS neurosurgeon doctor Deepak Gupta said that it is a fungal infection. There are many types of fungus. The spread that is present now goes to the body through ‘mukkar’ i.e. the nose. In medical parlance it is called mucoramycosis. It is wrong to call it a black fungus. Black fungus is a different type of disease. His infection is rarely seen. He is not so dangerous either. Actually, there are many types of fungus too. The one that has just spread is called Kovid Associated Mucoramycosis (CAM). It damages the brain, ie the nose, orbital ie the brain, so it is also called RhinoOrbitalCerebral Mucormycosis.

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Fungus also occurs in air and soil

Doctor Amit said that this fungus occurs in air, dust, soil. Usually, this fungus does not bother, because the defense system that is made for defense inside the human body keeps it in check. But when a person’s immunity is weakened due to illness or frequent drug use or diabetes control, HIV, in the case of transplant, taking immunosuppression drug, then there is a higher risk in such patients. He said that usually around 8 to 10 such patients are seen in a year, but 10 patients have arrived in a week.

Increased patient intake of steroids in Kovid

AIIMS Kovid Expert Doctor Neeraj Nischal said that only Kovid patients have this disease, it is not so. This disease occurs in patients whose immunity is weak. Currently, Kovid’s patients are everywhere, due to which his immunity is already weakened. Of these, patients who are suffering from uncontrolled diabetes have a lower immunity. Not only this, steroids are being used on Kovid patients all over the country, due to which the diabetes of such patients also increases and their immunity becomes weaker than before. In such patients, as soon as it reaches the fungus, they get infection. Due to weak immunity, the patient’s body is not able to stop the infection from spreading and they become a victim of mucomycosis. Doctor Amit said that when given steroids, immunity is low. Along with this, the seroton level increases in the blood, it is good for the growth of fungus. The doctor says that this disease does not happen to every Kovid patient. (Photo: Dr. Neeraj Nischal)

Symptoms take 3 to 5 weeks


Doctor Amit said that the symptoms of Kovid are coming after 3 to 5 weeks. If symptoms appear, go to the ENT doctor immediately. The doctor first looks through the binoculars to see if there is fungus. The type of fungus is examined by taking a swab from there. Doctor endoscopy, CT scan, MRI are also used when needed.

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If this happens after the covid is cured, see a doctor immediately.

  • This infection starts from the nose
  • Concentrated and bloody fluid comes out of the nose
  • Facial or head ache or numbness
  • Pain in the back of the eyes
  • Swelling around the nose
  • Eye hurts
  • Started having headaches
  • Eyesight starts decreasing

Antifungus medicine and surgery is the cure

Doctor Amit said that its treatment is antifungus injection, but any medicine or treatment should be under the supervision of a doctor. In addition to ENT, doctors of Eye, Neuro and Dental are also needed for its treatment. Recovery is better when timely detection and treatment is started.

Black Fungus Drug Shortage

Akash’s relatives are admitted to the BLK Super Specialty Hospital because of mucoomycosis, but the hospital does not have an injection for the treatment of the disease. They have been asked to purchase injections from outside. Akash said that he has so far bought 4 injections for 32 thousand. More injections are needed now. At the same time, sources say that suddenly there is a shortage of injections. These are not easy to find in the market as well. Sandeep Nangia, president of Retail Distribution Chemist Alliance, said that earlier this injection did not sell. Its demand has increased since two days. Doctors are writing, but the general shopkeeper did not have this injection even before. It is usually supplied in the hospital itself, as most of the admits are given to the patients. This drug was rarely made, because the need was less. There is more demand now, it will be normal in the next few days. Drugstore Kailash Gupta said that till now there was no demand for this injection. If there is demand now, then the government should take action on it immediately, so that the situation like Remeddivier does not happen. There are still counting patients in the city, the government should make a system for this so that the needy can get injections easily. On this, Apollo’s doctor Amit said that there is no shortage of injections here.

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