MTC promotes terrestrial and digital connectivity for the benefit of Cusco citizens | News

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MTC promotes terrestrial and digital connectivity for the benefit of Cusco citizens | News

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) executes important infrastructure works to promote land and digital connectivity for the benefit of Cusco citizens, the head of the sector, Juan Francisco Silva, stressed today.

The owner participated in Cusco in the first decentralized public hearing of the Transportation and Communications Commission of the Congress of the Republic, chaired by Alejandro Soto.

“This is the government of the provinces and regions. From the MTC we work to promote economic reactivation, through important works at the national level. We have come with our technical team to reinforce the projects and works that are being developed such as the international airport of Chinchero, the Cusco-Poroy Tunnel bypass and access to internet services in the region, “Silva told parliamentarians and local authorities.

At the hearing it was announced that the The objective of the sector is to promote the construction and improvement of rural roads, implement an integrated vehicle monitoring and supervision system, as well as make use of the National Network of the Peruvian State, in intranet mode, to integrate public entities and achieve more efficient management.

Among the main projects that the MTC has planned to carry out The Cusco-Poroy Tunnel bypass road projects and the connectivity and digitization projects in the 13 provinces of the Cusco region stand out.

Likewise, the boost that the sector has been giving to the construction of the Chinchero international airport.

The Vice Minister of Transport, Verónica Cáceres, made a presentation on the matter. “There is an advance in earthworks in the order of more than 21% measured as of August 30; we are 6% more advanced according to schedule,” he said.

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He stressed that the terminal would allow to exceed the capacity of the Velasco Astete International Airport and increase air transport connectivity to promote tourism and economic development in the region.

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For the MTC, road connectivity is very important because it generates development in favor of Peruvians, since it allows the transfer of people and goods in the various cities of the country quickly and safely.

Governor Jean Paul Benavente, congressmen and local authorities also participated in this hearing that took place at the Convention Center of the municipality of Cusco.

During his visit to Cusco, Minister Silva also met with Congresswoman Katy Ugarte and a group of transporters to listen to their main demands.

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Published: 9/27/2021

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